Monthly Archives: August 2005

officer of the day

in here at work if you are the officer of the day you will stay till 8pm and do what you have to do like me updating after the longest time (while wishing that this PC not to hang)

its been so long and i have lots to say like the reason why i am not updating that much is coz my PC at home is busted again for the nth time…\

fisrtly miss this site dang!!!!

i really really miss this… reading your post and a bout your kissing life… he he… wont tell who it is… but congrats girl…

i envy you he he… need a kiss… anybody wants to share a kiss?????

im still working where i am working and theres are lotsa stuff to say about the people here…

politics politics…

its like a tele novela….

like one boss is link to the security guy who is married… goshness!!!!

and they are wokring together to oust another boss out so that the security guy would be the new boss…

and my lady boss still shouts her lungs out!!!!

also finish doing the house of senator manny villar and its ugly like really really ugly but everybody loves it so… no complain for me.

oooppsss officemate around gotta go… ill tell some more stories later…



they will have a mini concert here at our mall!!!!


i miss you guys!!!

sorry im not updating that much … pc at home is busted!!!!


may i borrow anybody’s harry potter pls pretty pls!!!!