Monthly Archives: November 2005


Its been a long time since I last posted & read me friends entries. I want to say thanks for those who didn’t deleted me from their list cuz… its just a rough month for me.

As you know… one of the bosses read an awful entry and its been a roller coaster ride since. Now I am a bit tired of everything and I just want to shop till I drop only I don’t have the money so im just window shopping till I drop hehe…

Didn’t know that yoki transferred to a country light years away … and thinking about it now makes me miss her though Ive never really met her… its nice to know that I can just call her at 28….. if I need a [doctor] advice he he… I really really miss you girl… there this something in my heart… its doing it right about now… its missing im telling you!

Im still at the office but im being really really careful mind you (guys).

What happned… well just last week… the Pinoy Big Brother Chuva Guys are here and I got my picture taken with ‘em….

Im gaining weight and I can feel all of the gained weight on my boobs. Im wlaking and me booobs just move. I mean im helping it to move by swaying and all… but in the pass no matter how hard I sway… wala talaga (nothing)!!!!!!!

I’ll keep on eating till I feel I need to vomit ulit nge he he…

Yun lang muna… ill try to buy a monitor so that I wont need to do all computer works here at the office….