ever elusive

zanjo likes bianca at PBB… hayyyy… devastating!!!

havent got my mens this month and i feel so overly bloated already… mainly cuz our TV is at the kitchen and im always munching while watching….

on the bright side, i have boobs that i wish to take pics of keep as a memoray that i once have it… cuz after the PMSing period itll be gone…


im confuse… i dont like the weight but i like the boobs… theres my dilemma… to think its not even big… just okay for me cuz im like really really really flat chested… theres this one time in bed… im fooling around w/ this guy friends of mine and he like said… lalaki ka ba? cuz im overly flat chested nga…

i almost kick him.. but hes just joking… that kinda hurt… tho he is…

thats why its been a frustration for me…

well im frustrated w/ lotsa stuff at the moment so…

my friends are inviting me for a fiesta at batangas sto tomas but im broke bhu hu hu….

i… i want to go and have fun anf leave the house lang and the TV and the though t of food for a while…

tho there prolly be lotsa food there at least im wlaking naman di ba…


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