insane in the membrane

the day started bad…

i have red eyes and i cant wear my contacts and i cant find my eyeglass and i have an inetrview at 9am and im still looking for my glasses at 8!

i left home w/o my glasses and i cant see anything.

got to the interview place at 10 so i went home instead and here i am miserable thinking what if that company is supposedly my new company?????

and i cnt call them cuz i dont know what to say and…and im freakin miserable cuz when i got home my eyes are no longer red and i saw my glasses at the back of my peeceee and i feel like crying and…

and my mother wants to ask whats wronmg and i cant tell her cuz i donbt want her to feel bad also but i guess im pulling everybody here down cuz im down and i…

i just want to …

to get over teh night w/o jumping the bridge…

not that theres any bridge in here…




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