my inanak (godchild) was beaten up by his father. he punched his child in the head many times… so many. he lashed her out with the buckle of his belt many times that my inaanak can no longer stand. it happened this morning. she didn’t attend school.

the father is a tall guy and the child is a waifish grade six girl.

according to my cousin she is black and blue all over.

the father also said that when after work he’ll again beat the child up.

cuz the girl stole some money from a neighbor.

we didn’t know if the stealing is true. they’ve never asked the child before they beat her up. even if she did it, theres a reason and beating her up is not the answer. no matter whar she did… nobody have this right to beat anyone up… especially a girl… a child…

I want to see her but I cant. I cant cuz ill cry.

I have a responsibility to help that child. I am her godmother. I promise god that right?

but im scared.

I don’t know what to do.

I want to call bantay bata right about now… but but…

I am scared.

I remember about a week ago that same girl is asking me to help her w/ her assignment … I did not help her cuz im super busy w/ meself… self pitying and looking at myself in the mirror and thinking .. Gah! I gained a lot of weight… I am a pig!!!!

I forgot that … that… I am not… the center of the universe … that that… there are people who needs me and who is more important that the scale… or my self…

7 thoughts on “163

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      Re: search from within

      for now… i think that i will go there and tell her that its not her fault….

      ill be there muna and think of what to do later

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      i wish i can…

      sabi ko nga sa nanay ko duwag yun tatay kasi anak niya na mas maliit yun kaya nya…

      bat di diya maghanap ng katapat niya yun yun awayin nya….

      theres a prob w/ the mom also cuz i just found out that she is there while all of this is hapenin…

      i mean if im there i would let this happen… if im the mom id rather that hell hurt me than my daughter…

      it turned out she [mom] is scared of the husband too…

      that or she just doesnt really care…

      id choose the 1st reason…

  1. coraline1

    dapat isumbong talaga yan sa bantay bata or sa kahit saang welfare institution, kaso hindi talaga magiging madali yun, somehow you’re going to be responsible for the child na pag ginawa mo yun. good luck kung ano man balak mo 🙂

  2. cawees_

    call them now. have pictures of her taken, bring her to a clinic and get a medical report. have the dad blottered. anything. one thing i cannot stand and will never allow to just happen is domestic violence and child abuse.

    if you cant, find someone who can help you. where does this girl live?


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