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gahhhh…. every bodys at boracay and galera and somewhere… and im here at home watching barbie [princess & the pauper] with my small cousins…

life is gah.

happy holyweek?

i want to have a decent subject for this entry and i cant think of any so… i PROLLY am not allowed to discuss this in public but… there this guy fr metropolis who died again. again cuz if you will remember i have this pintor guy crush who got electricuted … now another guy died and … im kinda close to him…

his name is jing. when were doing cong villar’s house in bataan.. he is there with us. we stayed there to finish the house for a party and were all tired and groggy but were happy…

i remember doing the ‘commando’ cuz i dont have any spare undies… they wore the same undies.. binaligtad lang.. =P

and we would much at chippys.

i also remember eating at razon’s with them on our way home…

jing also helped me with the xmas decoration for the mall office. we stayed there till the wee hours just so we can reach the friggin deadline.

now he is gone… he fell. somewhere…

that mall is cursed.

or not…

but this entry is for jing and hope hell rest in peace.

the guy

theres this guy who emailed me about 2 weeks ago asking me to marry him… well not really but… you know… well okay .. he asking me if i could like marry him… ive never seen him in my entire life… never seen his shadow…. smelled his jacket.. NEVER.

then he wrote to me tellling me to write a certain secretary if i want to live in his country…. saying i need not worry cuz hell welcome me and PROLLY feed me.

which is really really weird.


but im old enough to know that if this is not a scam.. he is prolly a maniac who thinks that cuz im small .. he thinks that im still a child and he is a phedo or something… but since he doesnt know what i look like (yet)…. he is prolly a cannibal who wnats me for dinner… ewww…. im a sunog [burned] dinner.

but since i visited the website that he gave me… its friggin legal.

now im confuse…. im havin a hard time livin here in our mabuhay country…. its really really really really enticing… ill get all his money and give it to my parents… but but….

but he just showed up to my google mail about 2 weeks ago??????????????????????????????? wtf?????????????????????????????????????????????

and marry him.. and sex him????????????????????????? and give him blow jobS????????? i want my pinoy [filipino] man.

got this fr kikaypinay!!!!

Name ten of life’s simple pleasures that you like most, then pickten people to do the same.

Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. naruto
2. dirty ice cream
3. choc nut
4. scratching of an itchy spot…any spot.
5. shitting? when i really need too… oh man thats heaven!
6. reading a free book fr powerbooks… este at powerbooks pala!
7. dancing in our living room to ricky martin’s livin la vida loca
8. taking a short shower before sleeping…
9. watching wildboiz at [m]TV!
10. sleeping!

im tagging everyone and anyone… =P

wont cooperate

caren texted me asking if we can go out and get drunk and laid or something and cuz its her bday tomorrow and i want to go cuz… i need to go out … cuz…. but i dont have money. and… and im the baddest friend in the whole wide universe and i cant call her to say to her that i had the worst day of my life today … and… and…

i dont have any money.

i want to cry cuz… cuz i really had the worst day of my life to day… series of unfortunate events… happened and im fucked up biatch…

i want to sleep…