i want to have a decent subject for this entry and i cant think of any so… i PROLLY am not allowed to discuss this in public but… there this guy fr metropolis who died again. again cuz if you will remember i have this pintor guy crush who got electricuted … now another guy died and … im kinda close to him…

his name is jing. when were doing cong villar’s house in bataan.. he is there with us. we stayed there to finish the house for a party and were all tired and groggy but were happy…

i remember doing the ‘commando’ cuz i dont have any spare undies… they wore the same undies.. binaligtad lang.. =P

and we would much at chippys.

i also remember eating at razon’s with them on our way home…

jing also helped me with the xmas decoration for the mall office. we stayed there till the wee hours just so we can reach the friggin deadline.

now he is gone… he fell. somewhere…

that mall is cursed.

or not…

but this entry is for jing and hope hell rest in peace.

7 thoughts on “

  1. bench

    i always get this weird feeling when i’m there. oh yes! the spirits are everywhere. kaya nga di pa rin siya dinudumog ng mga tao.

    may naaamoy din akong kakaiba kahit malinis naman yung mall. amoy patay. sa totoo lang.


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