the guy

theres this guy who emailed me about 2 weeks ago asking me to marry him… well not really but… you know… well okay .. he asking me if i could like marry him… ive never seen him in my entire life… never seen his shadow…. smelled his jacket.. NEVER.

then he wrote to me tellling me to write a certain secretary if i want to live in his country…. saying i need not worry cuz hell welcome me and PROLLY feed me.

which is really really weird.


but im old enough to know that if this is not a scam.. he is prolly a maniac who thinks that cuz im small .. he thinks that im still a child and he is a phedo or something… but since he doesnt know what i look like (yet)…. he is prolly a cannibal who wnats me for dinner… ewww…. im a sunog [burned] dinner.

but since i visited the website that he gave me… its friggin legal.

now im confuse…. im havin a hard time livin here in our mabuhay country…. its really really really really enticing… ill get all his money and give it to my parents… but but….

but he just showed up to my google mail about 2 weeks ago??????????????????????????????? wtf?????????????????????????????????????????????

and marry him.. and sex him????????????????????????? and give him blow jobS????????? i want my pinoy [filipino] man.

2 thoughts on “the guy

  1. satellitedream

    it does sound tempting, but be careful! i’ve had a few acquaintances fall for this…and i never heard from them again. i don’t want to scare you, but that’s what i know.

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      yeah… the companu is legal but.. even if the guy is legal there are no guarantee that he is nice and safe…

      ive decided to try this out…. im really really having a hrad time here…


      but ill try the work… not the marriage proposal… it feels nice though…. errr… the proposal…. i guess thats the romatic geek in me talking he he…

      but you should he his pic… he looks really really old to be like 35… i think he is 40 something… and excuse my kasalbahenhan… but ewwwwww.

      pero syempre di rin ako kagandahan so… ala yata ako karapatan magarte arte…

      haba reply ko =P


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