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got this fr alamat egroups

Booktalking about GRAPHIC NOVELS

Graphic novels!! This is the focus for the next SCBWI
Booktalk. Interested? Please read on.

You or someone you know might be interested. Come and
join us, and please forward this message to others.

Are you someone who has a keen interest in children’s
Perhaps you are a writer or illustrator of children’s
Or maybe someone who’s aspiring to become one?
If that’s the case, come and join us!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* * * * * * *

*When :* Monday June 12, 2006 from 6 to 9 pm

*Where :* Figaro Greenbelt 3, Makati

*What :* Booktalk, followed by a round-table

*For :* Children’s writers, illustrators, book
designers, editors, translators, storytellers,
counselors, publishers, booksellers, librarians,
collectors, educators, teachers, parents, and other
kinds of creators, advocates and passionate lovers of
children’s literature.

*Bring :* A children’s or young adult book for you to

*Important :* This time, you must bring a graphic
novel that’s geared towards children or young adults.
The keywords? Neil Gaiman… Arnold Arre… Witch…
etc, etc. We know how graphic novel enthusiasts can go
on and on, so please, see the booktalk guidelines
below. This should be fun. And illuminating. And
energizing. And inspiring. And for some, maybe even

*How :* Depending on the size of the group, we first
give each person anywhere from one to three minutes to
speak. We then have a round-table discussion – about
the books that we brought, and whatever other topics
these books suggest as long as it’s related to
children’s and young adult books. Everyone present is
encouraged to ask questions, offer some answers,
solicit advice, give suggestions, share their
experience. It’s usually fun, enlightening, inspiring,
sometimes dismaying or even disturbing, always
stimulating and thought-provoking.

*Booktalk guidelines :* We actually have very few
rules, and one of them, we decided, is that when you
booktalk, please DO NOT give us a summary of the book.
Two or three sentences telling us what the story is
about is fine.

The rest of your booktalk should tell us what else you
considered worth noting about the book – the writer’s
writing style, the writer’s other books maybe, the
writer’s life and career, the price of the book (not a
small thing!), the state of the book (worn and
tattered and obviously well used, perhaps), the
quality or type of illustrations, the book design, the
life and career of the illustrator, the book’s
production quality, the beautiful (or pitiful) paper
for the inside pages, a profile of the book’s
publisher, the reason why you chose to bring this
particular book, what is it about this book that makes
you feel inspired, enlightened, happy, comforted,
dismayed, disturbed, sad, calm, agitated, etc. Is it a
book you read and liked in childhood? Is it a book you
continue to read and like in adulthood? Is it a book
you would love other children to read? Is it a book
you wish you wrote? Or illustrated? Is it a book you
think should be given to all children? Or a book you
think should be given carefully and selectively? Etc.,
etc. (Now you know why some of us have to be told we
talked beyond the time limit!)

*Host :* SCBWIphilasia, the Philippine chapter of the
Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators.

Everyone is welcome – members, non-members, friends.

*Fee :* P170, inclusive of one coffee or iced tea. For
SCBWI members, pay only P120. Please tell us if you’re

*Contact :*

Ani Almario, 0917-628-7546,

Nikki Garde Torres, 0917-6671267,

Beaulah at 0917-787-4956,


got this fr an egroups that i am a member of… thought some of you might be intersted. i might come if i have extra money hmmm… wonder if i own any childrens graphic nov???????


i wonder if if i have a relationship what itll be called by the pressssss…. tomleng [if tom and leng{me} is connected] or braleng [for brad] or johnyleng [for johnny depp]… panget[ugly].

lets try my other name: merlinda.


again one of the reason why i am not a celeb.. he he… i have an ugly name…

im bored…

i am a shapeshifter.


my semagic is again working… had a problem with it… evident in my last last post actually. reinstalling works. but i still have this problem with the exclamation point in my keyboard he he….

You Are Mystique

Sneaky and duplicitous, you’re likely to use your powers for evil.
You’re eternally young looking, people don’t realize how old you really are!

Powers: Shapeshifting – you can impersonate other people or become a monster

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4 Jobs I had in my life
1. cad operator
2. purchaser
3. designer
4. sari sari store seller [tindera sa aming munting tindahan he he]

4 Movies I could watch over and over
1. Holes
2. 3 kings
3. italian job
4. get over it

4 Places I’ve Lived in
1. Cebu
2. Negros
3. Malabon
4. Valenzuela

4 TV show/channel I love to watch
1. 23
2. 23
3. 25
4. 2

4 Places I’ve been on vacation
1. antipolo
2. batangas
3. subic
4. cebu

4 Websites I visit daily
1. Livejournal
2. hotmail
3. Gmail

4 of my favorite foods
1. pinoy spag
2. choc nut
3. GG
4. hotdog

4 Places I’d rather be by now
1. palawan
2. bora
3. mega
4. anywhere but here

4 Bloggers I am tagging
1. any four of you who wants to do something on a sunday mornin… =]

our one and only cat caught a big juicy mouse… he caught like 2 in the last 2 nights and he is always proud of his killing that he would display ’em in the tables, chairs..etc…

<lj-cut text=”here he is…”><a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting”></a></lj-cut>

then yesterday i got this from the mail
<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting”></a>
<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting”></a>

mwa ha ha… freebie.


and found this picture from my old boxes when i had my general cleaning of me batcave.
<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img src=”; border=”0″ alt=”Photobucket – Video and Image Hosting”></a>
her name is <b>janice</b>, only my first dog ever… the best that an owner can have in her lifetime….  she died of old age … i dont remember the year but i remember its april 10 cuz i wrote it on the wall beside my bed… and i’d see it then everyday before waking up..weve renovated so that wall is gone but i still remember the date….

thats all folks. =P


happy bday to <lj user=”mparaz”> and <lj user=”dolphinfluff”>..yey…many more bdays to come guys…..

thanks to the commercial

I have advertisements…dodeeeedooo…. I almost thought that i will die because… because i cleaned my rom nge he he… i dont do that… then it dawned to be that maybe ill die thats why i started sorting things out in my life… but that was 3 days ago and im still alive soo…. i MIGHT be wrong… wrong being the operative word…. hala. i received an email fr….. i am a member of that… i have this dream that one day i can finally use my almost expired passport and if im out of money i cam ask people to give me free room… in return i have to give them free room… only i dont have that free room cuz well theres no more room in here…. i wish we have another room but i dont think that i can let strangers occupy that room… back to the email… he wants to inquire about that imaginary free room… so i emailed him telling him that it is occupied already… geezzzeee.. what a nice way to have friends sana but my house is not presentable. i cant even sleep at night cuz im scared of fire… whatmore if i have visitors… i dont want to cause them their demise. rain is good cuz i have 3 solid nights of sleep… i reckon if its raining there wont be like fire… im wrong i guess…. theres this street few blocks away… got a blazin fire there last night.  turned out that the house occupant left the house to watch sagala and forgot that theres this lit candle in their house… SUNOG. i need to sleep now… will go grocerying tomorrow… MAKRO here i come.


tried logging in a lot of times only to be denied entry… nge he he… i forgot my fassword! but i remember it now……. obviously … =p

im still ewake cuz i want some kirei yummy flakes…. im salivating… gash help me… i want that junk food!!!!!!