thanks to the commercial

I have advertisements…dodeeeedooo…. I almost thought that i will die because… because i cleaned my rom nge he he… i dont do that… then it dawned to be that maybe ill die thats why i started sorting things out in my life… but that was 3 days ago and im still alive soo…. i MIGHT be wrong… wrong being the operative word…. hala. i received an email fr….. i am a member of that… i have this dream that one day i can finally use my almost expired passport and if im out of money i cam ask people to give me free room… in return i have to give them free room… only i dont have that free room cuz well theres no more room in here…. i wish we have another room but i dont think that i can let strangers occupy that room… back to the email… he wants to inquire about that imaginary free room… so i emailed him telling him that it is occupied already… geezzzeee.. what a nice way to have friends sana but my house is not presentable. i cant even sleep at night cuz im scared of fire… whatmore if i have visitors… i dont want to cause them their demise. rain is good cuz i have 3 solid nights of sleep… i reckon if its raining there wont be like fire… im wrong i guess…. theres this street few blocks away… got a blazin fire there last night.  turned out that the house occupant left the house to watch sagala and forgot that theres this lit candle in their house… SUNOG. i need to sleep now… will go grocerying tomorrow… MAKRO here i come.

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