remember when i wrote about me winning a spa GC worth 20000pesoses?????

got the GC but get this the spa is still close. have no idea when will they decide to open. Ive been waiting for 2 & 1/2 months already. All im getting from the manager is a text that they will opne very soon. Ive been getting this message for like 3 times already… i dont believe that they will really open pa. I think theyve close down na and all the spa that ill get is… is… nothing really he he…. but at least i have the GC… I can use them as bookmarks! Do any of you guys need one:bookamarker that is… Argh!!!!!!

and i thought Im lucky.

malas pala.

im always malas with these contest…. or rather me and my sister is jinxed…. i remember when my sister won a P150,000.00 worth of shopping GC and were all excited and I even wrote about that here … and they took it back saying were disqualified… teh contest is tru text.. so my sister use like a lot of money toi win that…

it turned out that when globe check her cellphone… she has a zero credit/balance in her account … they need at least 10 pesos…

eh naubos nga kaka text yun load ehhhhh… they didnt specify that in the rules….di na lang nagreklamo yun kapatid ko but… but…

you should see my sister afterwards…. she is so down and depress for months…

GC na maging bato pa.

ako rin.. masahe na naging bato pa.


bad trip.

on the bright side…

cawees_ tagged me..happy to obliged… ummmm..

<!– 5 Guilts
Author: Torpid A.I.
Instructions: Simply Cut the code from the window below and paste into your livejournal. –>

Guilt What is yours? Explain yourself
Culinary: choc nut its my comfort foodie… and im always down and i always need my comfort food!!!!!
Literary: magazines past read that doesnt need much thinkin
Audiovisual: american pie! because pie is good for you health
Musical: hangang dito na lamang maraming salamat its not a musical but its the closest things that ive seen to a musical he he…
Celebrity: lindsay lohan cuz she is dirty… i like dirty!!!!!

Now I tag:-

dolphin0620 coraline1 wring bastion and bench

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.

4 thoughts on “

  1. hastyteenflick

    shet dude, bad trip nga yun. 😦 yung mga hidden stipulations and fine print chuva na hindi mo malalaman. those contests are a scam and a half 😦 i feel bad for you.

  2. coraline1

    Nakakainis nga yan, kahit contest lang shempre nagkaron ka na rin ng expectation lalo na since malaki yung prize. Sana wag na kayo malasin ng ganyan in case tumama ka sa lotto. Wag kalimutan ang balato ko haha.


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