Monthly Archives: July 2006

i wanna be rich!

i am still here in the office…doing cad work (& LJing on the side)….

im tired & hungry.  HAvent had dinner and i just ate a cup of oatmeal. 

i have no work tomorrow so i hope that i can take the rest of the weekend….

we have a bowling and badminton tournament in the office…. i suck on it big time so i need to play… i havent play bowling for a decade & the last time that i did…

i suck….



i am the suckest? player… mwe he he…

then in a month we have another tournament … badminton!

just like my old company!


Since i already told you guys how i feel like doing no 2…

welll i just did that number in one of the CR’s here…

and i just realized that a lot of my post involves doing no 2 (or the jebs!).

i also have new friendsin here… am beginning to gain some buddies… i have a close one her name is thea… guys here are cool…

there even this one guy who wants to lift me while another is taking the picture… i dont feel any malice so i just went …

oopss… have to log off now…

boss is near me… yipes!


Na je JEBS ako and im still here at the office cuz we have a deadline!!!!! Someone from here [werk] won in a gameshow…. GAME KA NA BA???? and he won and he treated the whole office some free pizza and i ate a lot and well….




is what i am.

i forgot to clock in and it automatic that my time will start 9am when i actually arrived at the office at about 7:50am. then when i arrived at LRT station in Gil Puyat i already punch my card in when the guard tolm me LRT i already close.

then i suddenly felt a ruh of blood… nope i didnt get injured but i have my mens and i forgot my napkin in the office and im in the middle of nowhere with a lot of people when i found that out.

and i reckon i will not have that much of stain..cuz its the 1st day/night… minute… how much blood would my other mouth puke…(puke?)…

then i just took my pant off and there it is a big red bloody hell round as big as your plate stain…

thats prolly the reason why im too tired today… cuz ill have my mens.

this is counted as a very very very very very very very bad day…

i wish tomorrow will be wee bit better.

tea & symphaty

stayed up late last night.  ive attended a childrens party…. nge he he… this is the 1st time that i did late at night. it turned out that birthday girl BEA’s classes is till 6.00pm and she needs to wait for her mom.  This is also my 1st children’s bday party without childrens….

bea’s friends are us!!!!!

i can finally use my SPA Gift Certificate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYNESSSSSSSS FOREVER!!!!!!!!

anybody here know where VILLAGE SPA is????? That is where ill get my massages….

i kinda need that… again like that in my last job…. commuting sucks and is taking my mojo away from me… im mojoless…. i need my mojo back….

im supos to sleep at splendido but im too tired for a PJs party w/ my bessies.  nakss bessies…. 

BFF na lang.

itll be sleepless im sure and i need my zzzzzzz very very much cuz of work and losing the mojo thingy…

i need rest. 

im so a blue baby.  sakitin.  

i tire easy…

hmmmm…. i need to join the gym!

but its expensive id rather buy a book  but i cant even read my books cuz im too tired … but gym is so expensive and i should go now cuz im just repeating my entry.

i forgot to watch americas next top model last night.  who got voted out?

need to go back to work now… byeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,

new weekly activity

do no.2 at work’s CR… nge he he… this is becoming a weekly habit for me.
walked in the flood yesterday to get to LRT.  water is knee deep and now i feel itchy… fungi??????


got my first salary and the first thing that i bought is the new perfume from JLO.  

its the sweetest thing in the earth and i lav it!!!!!

today is a sunday

nge he he…

i have a problem … theres this friend who thought that ill work for him and his office… thing is i have work already and… he is expecting me to go to work tomorrow.


now im in hiding… this is not good karma with my new work….

this is not my fault…



i saw bubble_bursts at LRI…yey.

plus my bestest freinds will rent space at our building too… so ill be speding more time with my girls…


its cawees_‘s bday….. happy bday girl and many more to come….


i need to wear corporate attire in my new job and i dont have enough… i need to buy a lot of ukay and i will this sunday he he… ill go to metropolis which is now starmall alabang to buy my attire….

i hope i can get a lot of new stuff… the blazer… the tops.. blouses… hmmm…. where can i get the money????? for my attire shopping??????? anybosy who wants tickets at Echanted kingdom????????????? i have 2-500peso tixs… ill sell it for… hmmmmm…. 800 hundred… 200 hundred discount not bad…. but who am i kidding he he.. who wants to go in there when its always raining???????

hayyyyy… ill prolly ask my freindly neighborhood 5-6 giver…..

i remember this girl who use to give 5-6 to other people she got sick… could it be cuz 5-6 is bad?????

but what will happen to the people who borrows money???????

hayyyyy again….

what else can i sell… anybody wants an empty soul… nahhhhhh… i cant sell my soul…. i dont have any nge he he…..

ill prolly use my old clothes and buy some stuff from my first salary instead….

now my only problem is who will give my dogs their bath??????? they dont like it when other poeple gave them baths…. they bite the other people … but they need their baths…. hmmmmmm… they cant take the baths in the morning…. that would be too cold and in the evening too…. they are supos to take their bath at exactly 10am… thats hot enough for them….

but im at work by that time…


i went to Over looking in antipolo earlier and i cant see a thing cuz its raining hard… we almost hit another car whos speeding … i miss being there… its been so long since my last visit there… so much changes happened already….

i saw an old crush too… im with him there… he is the biggest thing on earth now…. its like he is not taking care of himself… all of my guy friends are like that… they dont care about their appearances… what a security he he…cute.

but she likes my other friend… hmmpttttt… di bale he he.. cuz my friend dosnt like him naman.. akin lang siya mwa ha ha….

now im sleepy but i have to think of whose gonna bathe my doglets….