is what i am.

i forgot to clock in and it automatic that my time will start 9am when i actually arrived at the office at about 7:50am. then when i arrived at LRT station in Gil Puyat i already punch my card in when the guard tolm me LRT i already close.

then i suddenly felt a ruh of blood… nope i didnt get injured but i have my mens and i forgot my napkin in the office and im in the middle of nowhere with a lot of people when i found that out.

and i reckon i will not have that much of stain..cuz its the 1st day/night… minute… how much blood would my other mouth puke…(puke?)…

then i just took my pant off and there it is a big red bloody hell round as big as your plate stain…

thats prolly the reason why im too tired today… cuz ill have my mens.

this is counted as a very very very very very very very bad day…

i wish tomorrow will be wee bit better.

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