tea & symphaty

stayed up late last night.  ive attended a childrens party…. nge he he… this is the 1st time that i did late at night. it turned out that birthday girl BEA’s classes is till 6.00pm and she needs to wait for her mom.  This is also my 1st children’s bday party without childrens….

bea’s friends are us!!!!!

i can finally use my SPA Gift Certificate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYNESSSSSSSS FOREVER!!!!!!!!

anybody here know where VILLAGE SPA is????? That is where ill get my massages….

i kinda need that… again like that in my last job…. commuting sucks and is taking my mojo away from me… im mojoless…. i need my mojo back….

im supos to sleep at splendido but im too tired for a PJs party w/ my bessies.  nakss bessies…. 

BFF na lang.

itll be sleepless im sure and i need my zzzzzzz very very much cuz of work and losing the mojo thingy…

i need rest. 

im so a blue baby.  sakitin.  

i tire easy…

hmmmm…. i need to join the gym!

but its expensive id rather buy a book  but i cant even read my books cuz im too tired … but gym is so expensive and i should go now cuz im just repeating my entry.

i forgot to watch americas next top model last night.  who got voted out?

need to go back to work now… byeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,

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