i wanna be rich!

i am still here in the office…doing cad work (& LJing on the side)….

im tired & hungry.  HAvent had dinner and i just ate a cup of oatmeal. 

i have no work tomorrow so i hope that i can take the rest of the weekend….

we have a bowling and badminton tournament in the office…. i suck on it big time so i need to play… i havent play bowling for a decade & the last time that i did…

i suck….



i am the suckest? player… mwe he he…

then in a month we have another tournament … badminton!

just like my old company!


Since i already told you guys how i feel like doing no 2…

welll i just did that number in one of the CR’s here…

and i just realized that a lot of my post involves doing no 2 (or the jebs!).

i also have new friendsin here… am beginning to gain some buddies… i have a close one her name is thea… guys here are cool…

there even this one guy who wants to lift me while another is taking the picture… i dont feel any malice so i just went …

oopss… have to log off now…

boss is near me… yipes!

2 thoughts on “i wanna be rich!

  1. nytfall

    are you a CAD Engr? Or you know someone? Kasi my friend is looking for AutoCad Engrs willing to work abroad. According to her, they pay good and the employer is very nice.

    1. pixiedusk Post author


      im a CAD Architect…its the same lan…..what country????? sige pls give my cp 2 ur frend….09179373314….or if they need my resume… i can prolly email it to them…




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