Monthly Archives: September 2006

im too tired

last night while walking at RACKS in ortigas… i fell down… cuz im sorting my contacts and i ddnt notice that deep shallow concrete….  

i fell and nobody helped me .. everybody just looked … and prolly cuz im ugly hu hu hu…

my hands hurt like hell

and i have a really really really bruised ego.


nobody hepled me!

long gone

its been the longest time sice ive updated in my LJ…. been very very busy with work and… as usual my peecee at home is busted…

last 14th… a lot of people texted and greeted me!!!!!!!!! 


and now i kinda miss receivine a lot of text messages he he…. Im in a dilemma at the moment… i kinda enjoy working here at KJF but my old boss is gettin me for a bigger salary…

only the boss that im talking about is the one who shouts a lot.. like hell…

so there… she thought that i like her but im just being civil when im around her….

hayyyyyy…. shes gonna throw a tantrum or something if i will not transfer to her company?????


I dont… know what to do…..


this entry is backdated

i saw CRANK which stars jason stratham(sp?) .. he is the bomb… the story is about an assasin who was injected with chinese drug that will kill him in like minutes…

but he can prolong his life by being active…

so whats hes doing was do drugs, snip drugs, fuck in public, toasting his hands, getting a blow job while driving, ride in the motorcycle with nothing but a hopsital bed on, getting a really really hard on, snipping drugs from the floor, choping the hands of the enemies, inject himself, electricute himself… and fall of the chopper…

this movie is so fun!

this eve (today is sept 23 really).. i will be watching step up… chick dance flick but im a sucker for dance movies!!!!!!!! 

this better be good! crank is a hard (pun intended) movie to follow! 

i want to read that new alex garland, and chuck book!!!!! but it is expenzive!!! very very expenzive… anybody who wants to lend it to me???? please pretty pls!