Theres this girl in the place where i work. she is pretty and a bit loud but when pretty girls are loud its okay. when its the not so pretty girls… who is loud… is akward and ugly even.

Anyways.. so there this sorta new pretty girl in here at the office. who is loud.

Since she is a friend of a friend here at work. On her first day.. i tried making a conversation with her in the toilet when she went there and i was there scrutinizing my braces and its developments.

I said HI! in a perky wuper friendly way and i told her that i know this guy who works in her last company and that tiny [her friend whos also my firend] is the nicest thing on earth.

and shes like… non chalant. almost stoic..almost dead.

Like im not there..talking 70000 miles per second.

But when shes with the other people here at work..she si uber nice. like an angel.

And i was thinking: WHA TTHE HELL????!!!!!!!

So after a month.

She is still nice.

And i dont talk to her anymore.

And the boys, they like her so much cuz duh? shes pretty.

But what they didnt know is she already told the HR that they are harrasing her in YM.

So now the HR banned su fr using YM. YM is saving me big bucks. Instead of texting friends from other places… i YM them.

Now we dont have YM!

But its partly her fault. The boys thinks that its okay to tell her green jokes cuz shes loud. she emits cuss words in her every sentence.. and in her YM her picture is too revealing for comfort.

She is PROLLY thinking you are not what you are wearing.

but you are what your wearing!

this is the philippines!!!!

..neweys.. i just prolly envy her or something…

its not nice to be ugly.


9 thoughts on “whiner.

      1. sassydame

        no one ever said rape was asked for and its not even the point of what this entry is even remotely about.

        and yes if you dress inappropriate at work and fake laugh and act like this around men at work and not in a private setting then you are asking for sexual harrasment. When the guys tell jokes she can say right then and there that she doesnt agree with what they say and that it is offensive to her. But she doesnt. she laughs and smiles and knifes them in the back later on.

      2. psychebutterfly

        hate to feed the troll, but it’s amazing the amount of discrimination and prejudice pretty girls come up against. nowhere does it say that she feigns laughter, and whether or not she has told her coworkers to stop hasn’t been divulged… yet you chose to assume those things yourself. would you assume that she’s incompetent? promiscuous? manipulative? it’s assumptions like these that make those men think it’s ok to disrespect this girl, even though she is employed in the same place they are and probably has the credentials to support her position.

        in order to file for harassment, one has to state that the other person was told to stop and they didn’t. and even if it wasn’t harassment, a workplace is for working. it’s not for hitting on people and not for telling dirty jokes to your coworkers over YM. the HR shouldn’t suspend everyone’s use of YM, they should reprimand or even fire those specific men for disrespecting their colleague, wasting company time, wasting company resources, and fostering a negative and uncomfortable work environment. but of course, since she’s an attractive female, that’s not going to happen. everyone is too busy being lewd or envious to see that her rights are being violated.

      3. sassydame

        But its partly her fault. The boys thinks that its okay to tell her green jokes cuz shes loud. she emits cuss words in her every sentence.. and in her YM her picture is too revealing for comfort.

        She is PROLLY thinking you are not what you are wearing.

        but you are what your wearing!

        HELLO…are you reading what im reading? I am going by the AUTHORS perspective since she works with this girl. True I thought it read she laughs loud but still im not assuming anything else other than the fact that she apparently dresses too reavingly in her YM and her behavior (the cussing for one thing) is not appropriate for a clean work enviroment.

        Its not ASSUMPTIONS that make men think they can disrespect women, its other women that make men think this. Just the same way that some women disrespect men in the office.

        She also could have taken other actions, I dont work with this girl but why did she just not talk to her coworkers on IM? That by itself is distracting.

        This is a ridiculous comment thread. I think shes silly and inviting temptation. My opinion and end of discussion.

      4. pixiedusk Post author

        Yipes sorry if ive cause this!

        sassydame. Yes you are right!

        You can prolly cuss and dress the way you want..or post naked pictures… but not at work. Im even surprise that HR just let her cuss around the office..she should be sanctioned or something… but i guess cuz she is friends with the HR people.. so she can cuss all she wants…and she can be whatever she wants even if its uncorporate.

        psychbutterfly… hmm.. i know what you mean when you said that nobody deserves harassment. but if you want respect, you really really need to dress it and act respectable naman.

        Theres prolly a thin line in this dressing slutty and sexy. But there are some other girls here at work who are sexy but they are not treated the same way they treat her. She is not complaining at all, in front of them.

        I know your sides and i respect them both and thanks for commenting girls.

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      yup.. shes friend with the pretty ones. it just dawned to me that im not pretty nge he he..

      but im okay with that na.

      i guess im an acquired taste =P… i have friends rin naman here. I know they are real friends!


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