blank entry

Im not happy and I am not sad.


I am blank.

I have this friend who went to singapore for a vacation, while there she applied to different companies and got hired right up. I want to follow her and probably do that too but I dont know if I’ll be happy doing that.

I’d give anything and everything for an emotion. Its christmas season and I should feel something. Excitement. Harrassment. But I dont.

I am doomed for blankness.

7 thoughts on “blank entry

  1. lijago

    I’m feeling the same thing, where I don’t know what I want to do. What kind of work did she find? Could you possibly go & get a job of some sort, and tell yourself you’ll judge how happy you are after 6 months, and if you’re lonely/homesick/want to come back, then come back?
    Good luck hun.


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