morning thoughts on



I am not a good cook.  But I like eating.  I especially like eating at new restaurants or finding that hidden diner that offers the most delicious meal.


Eating to me is like sex.  Enjoyed with the person who I knew, trusted. Loved even.  Lusted.


Imagine my horror every time I’d eat with people I don’t know when I need to share my table with a total and complete stranger.


It’s like rape.


When I am eating with a blind date: one night stand.


When I am eating with group of friends, Orgy.


When people treats me to dinner, prostitution.


When I am eating soup, foreplay.


Dessert, post play?


Five course meal, seven: tantric!


When I am eating with my family… ooopss lets not go there!


I am an employee and I can’t go out to eat alone (errr…masturbate?) everyday else ill be broke.


So I have to eat with officemates.


At first I would eat at another table alone and they would think that I am an extrovert and loner and I hate the world and that I am an autistic person.  So I would try to eat with them on their table. I would like to think that I am an amiable person so I try hard to overcome this view of eating as an intimate activity and I try (believe me) hard to think of eating as well.. eating….


I still don’t share my food.  I am sorry I am not a swinger…


I am getting there though… being a normal person.. I will prolly view eating the next time as a way to give nutrients to me body.


Only… If I will think of this.. I’d be a vegetarian cuz .. there’s just too much unnutrientious about a lot of food.


If I will view food as a fuel/gasoline to give the body power and energy to run and reach one’s goal .. Ill prolly stop eating altogether… gasoline gives off pollution that is bad for the environment.









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