i hear dead people

last night as im bonding with our dogs bantot and cotton…. i heard a voice..whisper in my ear…. its so scary… like a wind… the voice is like here and then gone… so i screamed and my father went out to ask whats wrong and i said… IPIS (roaches)!!!!

If hes not that sleepy he’ll realize that i am not afraid of cockroach!!!!!

so i werent able to sleep and im all sleepy and scared shit of that area in our house!!!!!

i dont like to hear things!!!!

…. and im still thinking of that cover story writing thingy in a magazine… i .. really want it…

and the kabbalah thingy i already emailed them my scholarhip letter and im not hearing anything from them… i guess i wont get that scholarship and i guess kabbalah is not for me cuz its uber expensive….

and i was accepted in another company only this company enrolled me to learn a new program and i dont know how to say goodbye and its in my head since last week.

its the 1st time that i will work with my besties cherry and carren.

though itll be weird cuz they are earning way bigger than me and they are my boss… and its….

its kinda weird in a demeaning kinda way.

they are not pushing me down.. its me who is pushing meself down….

i need to sleep…

but ill sleep when im….

who wants to go this aturday with me to batangas to watch cool people race??????

he he… i have this coool officemate who races and im going with him to watch!!!!

he he.. at elast ill have a social life….

see my new userpic.. its me not finding my comb!!!!! ugly ugly me!!!! he he… but i psoted it anyway cuz this is 1 of the few pictures that my skin is glowing like i really have clear skin!!!!!

i dont! my face have craters!!!!


eto p!!!!

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