i left KJF for another company where my friends work…. its more lucrative and fun i thought to be working with them…

at KJF its cold…and i hate my supervisor…

at structural hawaii…

its hot… earlier this morning… I am 103lbs heavy… now i am only… 98lbs… i have dried up…

and i think its 37degrees…inside our office… its prolly 40degrees..cuz we dont have aa/c.

… plus im thinking my friend have changed…

i just cant explain how and why…

or its me who’ve changed….

its hot and its gettin in my head….

luckily theres halo halo at razons to cool me off…

money side… i thought ill earn more in this company…. only to find out that the first salary is fir pondo… meaning i am not getting my first salary….

which hurts cuz i have bills to pay and something big came up…. it turned out… when my father sold our car..they werent able to clear who will pay for the insurance… the 20thou insurance is now 45thou…

since i supposed owned the car i have to pay for that…

where the hell am i gonna get that amount????

shit friggin happens…

when shit rains.. it pours…


4 thoughts on “hatsuuuu

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      tell me about it!!!! they can contact me at home but no! they’ve waited till my insurance already earned interest before telling me this!!!!!!

  1. sinnfullangell

    Bummer! Sorry to hear about the job. And the car. And the weight lost.

    Side note: u probably don’t remember me, but uhm…yeah, I’m back! For how long, who knows.lol.


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