I am a cad operator. It means I draw plans to be submitted to clients and eventually to the government for permits and then the builders will use the plans that i drew for constructing the building and then some people would hopefully use it.

Ive been working as a cad operator since i graduated and sometimes… well a lot of times i would forget that I am FIRST AND FOREMOST an architect graduate….

Supposedly the one who designs the houses… the buildings..structures….

And i would always foret about this because I am doing something else…

And I remembered yesterday when i visited Fullybooked at Gateway Mall in Cubao.

I was sorrounded with books..architecture books that… these books made me remember who i really am and …

at the same time made me mad becasue…. i want to again….

but i cant cuz theres no more space for deisgning for me…

I am stuck in being a cad operator and i dont know if i should stay grateful that i have a job or sad that i am not doing what i want….

i am on the the brink of running around naked … because i am tired of doing some other people’s design…


maybe i should be grateful…


2 thoughts on “ARCHITECTURE IS….

  1. titatits

    i want to again….
    but i cant cuz theres no more space for designing for me…

    Believe me, there’s always room for anything and everything. Make it happen, don’t just wait for things to happen….(the word of wisdom…he he he).


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