Monthly Archives: June 2007

me and my high heels!!!!

im wearing this killer shoes… 4 inch high and its the coolest thing on earth cuz it hides my ugly toes but it is an open shoe…

plus i can walk easy on it….

but earlier this morning while visiting chowking in robinsons galleria… i slip and almost fell down on the wet floor…. cuz im looking at the menu board and not on the floor…


the secret is not to look at the other people…. but i saw the guard and his laugh….



last saturday i am texting this guy and our topic is ..errr… sex or lack thereof.

we decided to do it cuz we dont have respective partners…. weve been flirting for 3 weeks already and well i know that itll lead to this…

so were meeting sunday night after my class… he said hi before my class started… then .. hes gone….

its been 4 days since then and i havent heard from him… he doesnt have a landline and i dont know where he lives so… i dont have any info of him….

so now i dont know if he backed out of our “meet” or something bad happened…

ive been thinking of him at nights and im close to loosing it…

i cnt bear it if something bad happened to him… id rather that he backed out than .. say he was held up cuz of his ‘killer’ cellphone….

the reason that im thinking of morbid things is that i had a crush who died before… he was painting a roof when he got electricuted…

and …

and i know now that death is possible….

and i cry at night…

i hate the idea…

so pls god dont get him from me….

its ok if hes chicken… as long as his an alive chicken!!!!!

im scared shit….

i can call his owrk but im scared of what ill found out….

pls call his work for me to verify if he still there..alive.. pls pls pls….


new work order

he he…. im now at my new work.. errrr.working….

its okay here. cold but not too cold. and im close to mega which is my mecca…. walking there gives me peace that i can only find while walking in a pensive mode in quiapo.

yeah i like walking.

that my stress buster.

plus im near another church…. use to be near st andrews now i am near the edsa shrine and theres mass always….

just last thursday i am praying for a love one to get well of sickness…. today i will pray for me to be okay….

see… last sunday… honey and i are planning on having an escapade.. then he just suddenly is gone and … well….

its over…

and it hurts like hell…. been loveless for the longest time and i miss the feeling of being inlove and when it came fast and… it said goodbye faster…

mwe he he… cheezy!!!!

neweys… im gonna be okay…. i know so!!!!

i will just bury myself deep into work and walah!!!! i dont even know what had happened!!!!

another nonsense entry brought to you by me…

byeeiiiii people and i miss you all…. mwah!