Ansakit sakit

My officemates are forwarding each other sleazy emails. Since im the newbie not a lot of officemates know my email and I am spared of the pron forwarding he he…

But theres this one email about tattoo and I want to see it since I like tattooes. One officemate said that its not for virgins. One officemte said “forward mo na! yan kang yun chance niy ana makakit aniyan”

Meaning: I am ugly and theres no way that ill see naked bodies in real life because no man would dare go to me and be near me and be intimate with me…


Me: ugli pug.

5 thoughts on “ouchness!!!

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      when words hurt

      no comment ako nun he he.. senior architect yun eh… he he… ansakit lang kasi … you should see his face!!!! yung parang ako na yung pinaka pangit na tao sa mundo… siguro…. PMS lang to.

  1. dalumat

    aww. pero di naman nila sinabing panget ka di ba? sabi lang nila virgin ka. baka tingin nila sayo nice girl? ? patunayan mo ngang di ka nice at tampalin mo sila.

  2. dolphin0620

    some people talk without thinking…

    they might mean it they might not.
    just don’t mind them… smile.

    Btw, broken-hearted? Pray. 🙂

    God bless darleng!


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