new phone

got this new phone for 8500 only! second hand and is in good condition. only when i got the phone there are still files of the old owner… mostly phone numbers, business texts and some naughty text messages. I love that there are music vidoes but i erase everything cuz they are korean… cnt understand he he…

but last night i got a call from the son of the old owner asking if i texted them… of course i did not…

i dont know them…

i reckon since this a new phone…. i accidentaly sent them messages… i just wish that its a wholesome sms not the sleazy ones that the phone has…

or itll be very very embarassing…


the hazards of buying a second hand phone he he…

but i really really like this phone cuz…. cuz its different from my past phones… 3mp cam!!!!!

2 thoughts on “new phone

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      there are files that are saved in the phone from the old owner… tho i am using my sim already…. thats hes fault right… you need to be sure that all your files are already erased before selling the phone….


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