Monthly Archives: August 2007

how do you?

do the woman on top thingy… to my younger LJ friends sorry… he he.. i just need to know… pls be graphic with your answers friends… i really really need to learn this… its imperative that i do! he he…. *wink.wink*

baha in the city

werent able to go to work….

yesterday cuz its flooded… inside and outside our house….

so i just took some pics…

of me

of my room poster thats peeling off the wall
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and of the water outside our house… its above the knee deep and is almost reaching my nether region he he… but im small so my nether region is some other peoples knee!
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i luckily was able to go to work today! yey! the only porblem is how i can go back home… 😦


i have sideline work.

my relative whos a seaman wants me to design a 2 bedroom apartment for him. theres also a net cafe in the ground floor.

i just graduated from my revit class and i want to use it to produce this project. but my peecee is busted he he…

so im goin to use my uncles peecee again… hayyyyy….

i want to make this project super okay but my resources is limited…

bhu hu hu…..



i have 3 books thats waitin to be read:

1. fragile things – gaiman
2. unbearable lightness of being – kundera
3. trainspotting(sp?) – errr…. irvine

.. but i cant seem to read past page 8…. i should prolly read chick lit 1st just to get me in the mood.

anybody who wants to lend me a good & sexy chick lit book…. ill lend you my gaiman!!!!


ill prolly buy one instead… are the summit chic books any good???? its the cehapest that i can think ov.

hhmmmmm…. wait!

powerbooks is on sale!

might rush there to browse!!!!!

… i want to read! go back to reading! had a good start w/ historian and a lot of books followed… i stopped when i transfered from kjf to sturctural hawaii.. and now im in my 3rd compaby this year… i want to go back!!!!!