Monthly Archives: September 2007


i want to draw nudes… he he….

but i dont have any pictures nor models so what i did was i took my pictures and sketch the pictures fr my phone which is …

really ugly….

he he…

nope my body is not really like this hehe… i arch my butt while taking this picture so bad that i had a backache afterwards!!!!

this is really really me…. the xtra bulge in my stomach sucks bigtime… i need to go to the gym hehe…

this on the other hand is just your standard face drawings… ive drawn tons ov drawings like these….

i just posted these cuz im getting back into sketching!!!!! i lavet!!!!! i just wish that i can get into some workshops about this cuz … my sketches are ugly….


attention whore

I need some lovin’

I thought that I am gonna get it from my friends last night … you know… hugz, attention…. ive been workin my butt out since my birthday and I think that I weren’t able to really experience my birthday… no one gave me a hug… just greetings from my cellphone and some pat in the back…

I don’t need a pat in the back… I need some serious hugging from a friend….

But I when I went to my friends place shes so busy with a call from her boyfriend…. That she rushing to get rid of me… if she only knows how far I walked in heels just to get there…


i need some lovin’ …

Lang song syndrome

thanks to all the people who greeted me last sep 14!!!!!

technology and birthdays are fun fun fun!!!!!


i just .. errr….

opened a multiply sccount…

can you pls add me… im so pathetic cuz i dont have freinds there *sadness*

im buying a book thats worth 450.00p…. any suggestion???????? i like to buy murakami but i dont know what to get after norwegian wood….

beezeee at work…. always overtime….


today is my birthday!!!!! yehey!!!!!

greet me LJ people!!!!!!

kasi baka no one would greet me hu hu hu… he he….

cel: 639179373314…

he he….

ill be online today… wuhuuuuuu!!!!!!!!


had this for breakfast and now my stomach is grumbling.. literally…hala!

but it is the only flavor that i like: nata de coco… the other ones are icky..

yesterday… during lunch i snucked out of the office to claim some loot from girlfriend magazine because they chose my letter to be september’s ish letter of the month… got this…

the lip tint (the one in pink tube) is good! im wearing it now…

read some journal about her buying this starbucks planner and i remember mine…. i can no longer bring the planner with me because its heavy now from all the pictures, receipts, movietix, mag pictures, doodles, letters and stickers that i pasted on it… 2008 is only a few pages away.

… i likey!
now my only problem is how to get the 2008 planner … because i dont drink coffee huhuhu… im the biggest starbucks poser ever!


mwa ha ha…. its my officemate’s birthday today and he received a package… a box of hersheys chocolates….


its my bday in the 14th too…

hmmmm… i wonder if somepeople would send me gifts to he he *hint.hint*….

a new version of you

i have a new name at work… i am…. tantanan!!!!!!


he he….

ummmm… i have new friends and..errrr… i just want to say thanks for adding me and thanks for trusting me with your secrets and stuff…. and i hope that i can meet you guys someday!!!!!

this is a rather good day… kinda different from my past post.. kasi i realized a lot of stuff from reading all your post… i found out that a lot of us are sad… that a lot of us have problems with love, money, friends… and family.. and money again and love again….

and … and….

tho we have these problems… we console each other p rin… tho were busy solving our owns issues some of us find time to … give advice and a helping hand..

so cuz of that… im happy!

cuz tho were sad.. at least we can be sad together…. naks!

yoga bear

I willl buy a 3-session GC from birhamyogamanila and I will try yoga cuz im such a looser. I need to exercise cuz im stressed out and I nedd exercise.

But I have fears.

Like what if while doing the psoes I’d suddenly fart. Or what if I can no longer move after the session?

How will I ever go home?

Or can I even do those poses????

And what if I end up enjoying the sessions, can I afford to do birkham as a regular gig?

But the real problem is …


And since im just trying this gig out… I don’t want to buy stuff right up.

Can someone lend me their mat?


Its my bday on the 14th!

You lending me your mat can be a bday gift already.

Pls pretty pls.


I hope this yoga would improve my posture. Im a sloucher!

Im telling you im kuba already!