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poison break

I just lost my cat COCO.

He died of high fever.

And i am sad and insecure.

And i saw somewhere that in times of sadness… you should have a list of thing thats makes you happy.  I am posting mine:

1.   Choc-nut.

2.   My green victoria secret panty.

3.   selecta double dutch ice cream.

4.    wenthworth miller.  ohhhhhh…wenty

5.    lipgloss

6.    black nail polish.

7.   magazines!!!!!


 post (where art thou)

9.    oreo’s double stuff

10.   jay simogan’s text messages.

11.   uncle john’s grilled cheese w/ macaroni salad… (only P40 bucks!!!!)

12.   erotic books!!

11.   bob ong books!!

12.   Pugad baboy comics!!!!

13.   cosmopolitan magazine’s confession (even if their just made up!!!!!)

14.   Victoria secret body spray that

 gave me!!!!!

15.   texttwist

16.   bejewelled

17.   spider solitaire

18.   drizzle of rain on my skin!

19.   that cebu prisoners thriller video

20.   my Inoxcrom ballpen

21.   my petpens ballpen

22.   window shopping inside toy kingdom!!!!!

23.   playing with my small cousin ian!!!!

24.   cadbury milk chocolate!

25.   razons halohalo!

26.   britney spears faux pas (at theres a girl more miserable than me mwe he he)

27.   powerbooks!

28.    another cat LALI!

29.    our horny dog Juanito.


 ‘s kikay post.


 ‘s rivermaya post….

32.    new shoesies

33.    band aid isoprohyl alcohol

34.    my friend alvin’s sarcastic skype messages in the morning.

35.    si wenty ulit!!! im obssesing over wentworth miller!!!!!!!  (say it with me..with feeling) … ohhhhhh wenty 

i still have tons of things that make me happy but .. hehe… i just realized i am at work nga pala!!!!!

but cuz of this list, im already feeling wee bit better….



Its been a long time plan of mine to do it.    I mean i’m not preparing for something big, its just that I read in a magazine that it gets rid of bad smell and I thought hmmm…. Why not I do it if it’ll get rid of that pungent smell.


So I bought a pink razor.


Without any experience, I applied lotion in a small portion of my skin thinking of trying it out first.


It amazes me of how much hair I have in there.


I mean like mass of hair.


The razor created a bald spot and it ugly so I decided to shave everything that I can.  There are some spot that I cant shave fearing that ill rip my skin.  There are lot’sa of  stray hairs and it reminded of of someone’s stubby face. 


I let it go, i’m thinking not bad for your first shave.


The stubs would touch my underwear and it feels icky.


I thought what did I do wrong why is it not smooth?


I reckon I should shave against the hair growth.


Which is what I did earlier this morning and its now smooth.


But there are still hair on the hard to reach areas and I don’t know what to do with it.  I am scared of shaving that area.  I don’t want to have knicks in my errrr… lips.


Any suggestions.


I would greatly greatly appreciated advice on this!


Oh and the smell is gone.


I just don’t know if guys likes unscented girls!


But hell who will smell me??????


Pls help me.

who are you?


For the first three people that reply to me and re-post this challenge – I will send you something that I think rocks.

It might be something I’ve made, or something cool, it might be a mix CD – or a rubber duck, a spoon (okay, not really), a book I think you will enjoy, or something else that is awesome.

Whatever it is, I promise that I will get it to you in 365 days or less. (I will need your snail mail if you want to participate.)

The only thing you need to do in order to participate is to be one of the first three to reply to this, AND post this very same thing on YOUR live journal – cause its fun to give people stuff.

what do you usually do when you have bouts of insecurity….

when you found out that person who use to be your subordinate is now doing better than you career wise…


and lovelife wise….


i made this!!!!!!

its 3d…… the design is conservative cuz i have limited materials available….. plus if i have a real working pc i can prolly make some really cool interiors!!!!  the peecee that i used doin this is a errr…. crappy… but the result is not bad for a crappy pc, aight?

i like this one!

i want to create some more!!!!!

only my pc at home is still busted….

*me, crying in one corner*


Not bad for my first 3d using VIZ!!!!!