nothing much

is happening in my life…

im just reading this

and heres my petsies… the dog is juanito and the cat is cocolee (hes a boy tho) and at the back is the urinola!!!!!

yun lang (thats all folks!)

3 thoughts on “nothing much

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      hehe… you!

      actually vibratot is about this japanese girl whose bulimic… and on an impulse…. hitch hiked w/ a trucker…

      vibrator.. is the vibration … the humming of the truck that she usually hears when the truck is moving….

      the book is about their journey…

      nice story but nothing exemplary….

      1. bogart69

        Oh wow,,So misleading..Well at least here in the US any book titled vibrator that showed a womans face on it would be considered an adult title.. interesting

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