Monthly Archives: December 2007


had a burned upper lip from a carnival visit yesterday…

see the mustache… thats not hair.. SUNBURN…

i visited global fun carnival yesterday and i am super tired cuz i am the one whose carrying my youngest cousin cuz the floor is rock rock (bato bato hehe).  had the sunburn cuz were there from 2pm till night.  my hands still hurt like hell…

twas fun but im a chicken when it comes to rides… imagine my horror when my small cousin ask me to ride the ferris wheel w/ them cuz they need a guardian.  i was just acting cool cuz these are kids whos tapang (gutsy) to ride it and me the ate is really duwag (chicken)…  so we went there and im trembling.

but when the ride started.. twas actually fun!!! when we reached the peak… the wind is cool to the face… my sunburned face suddenly feel healed….

i even got a chance to take a picture…


cuz the line is super long here the ferris wheel from a distance

after like 15 minutes… the view of of the wheel… see the sky got darker… long lines sucks!!!!

after another 15 minutes…

and while riding it…

yun lang.

happy new year!!!!!!

this is love

i have a new peecee and his name is darwin.

he is black & assembled and fast and well… new….

im so attahced to it and i could never leave him…. to the point that i would apply my moisturizer in front of him and i would use the cds as my mirror…


its xmas all over the world!


since a lot of things are worrying me in the lasts days i decided to drop by the mall to buy some jeans because almost all of my jeans have holes already.

i realized then that i am gaining so much weight!!!!! i have a lump in my stomach now hehe

the mossimo pants looks good but is too expensive!!!!! i need to exercise n!!!!! huwahhhhhh!!!!!

oh and i am addicted to facebook/humanpets!!!! 

 this is your fault =P


last dec 15 while eating at uncle johns at galleria … i felt a sharp pain at the side of my breast. It is short but really really painful but i thought its nothing.

then the day after i felt it again while inisde the office CR. its the same short and like a cut of a knife.

then in the aftrenoon and … felt it more than 2x the days after till now…

i am scared.

what if its something about my breast….

i am scared…

and xmas is near and my small cousins are playing and i dont feel happy and i am crappy and they didnt know why… i cant tell them about that sharp pain.. and i feel guilty but i am in no play mood…

and i am scared and i cant tell no one but you guyz….

i want to cry but i dont want my mother to worry if shell see my eyes all puffed out and red and …

i am scared.


i will spend my pre-xmas days & my xmas day doing some sideline CAD works and some 3D review.

i hope that people at home wont bug me.

i have an offer to work in KAZASCHTAN…. the problem is i cant even spell the name of that country.

but this ones a good deal. after every 3 months of working there… i can go home and have a week long rest. air fare will be paid by the employer! this works cuz i still have my braces. tho my wires will stay longer in my precious mouth…. at least i can still have it adjusted.. right????!!!!


plus i can get away from home and still go back when homesickness starts kicking in!

its a win-win situation.

its just that i am only paid like $1000. thats too cheap. i hope they will add some more and were in business!!!!!

i need to buy an anti-wrinkle cream for my forehead. i have this deep lines due to squinting too much since childhood. cuz i have a problem w/ my eyesight & i tend to squint to see things better and now…


i need an object of affection. thats my xmas wish.

can you pls give me one or suggest someone????

it is really a NO-NO to give boxers to a friend???? cuz alvin my bestfriend said that i should not give this to someone if i am not screwing him.

does boxers means i want to screw him????

hmmmmm…. in thats case ill give “him” a dozen boxers cuz i want to screw him 12XXXXX!!!!

yun lang!

its a sandal, not a shoe!

i want this for xmas hehe….. i think that if i will skip on buying magazines i can prolly buy this hehe….
ill try!!!!

wearing heels all week(days) is giving me callous toes & ugly corns & tired feet…
i want to rest my footsies on weekens and when i tried this it the most comfy things on earth… like your in the most comfy couch!!!!!!

spent my 13th month pay buying a new pc so that i can get sideline jobs.  i hope that i will get some.
if you want me to draft your new houses just call me at 639179373314. 
i really really need sideline work to buy that goody two… above…

we have a weird xmas party.  its a pool party.  i might sound a KJ and all but pool party in a freezing december night is no fun especially to a thin girl like me.
just walking inside the mall at night makes me chill, imagine me at night … in my bathing suit … submerged in water…
hayyyyy…. but i already skipped our company outing and i think that i will get fired already if i will skipped pa this one [party]
huhuhu…. i dont want to attend this xmas party.  why cant we just be like any other company and celebrate xmas in a bar or a resto and drink & drunk….


it just dawned to me that this post is boring hehe…