its a sandal, not a shoe!

i want this for xmas hehe….. i think that if i will skip on buying magazines i can prolly buy this hehe….
ill try!!!!

wearing heels all week(days) is giving me callous toes & ugly corns & tired feet…
i want to rest my footsies on weekens and when i tried this it the most comfy things on earth… like your in the most comfy couch!!!!!!

spent my 13th month pay buying a new pc so that i can get sideline jobs.  i hope that i will get some.
if you want me to draft your new houses just call me at 639179373314. 
i really really need sideline work to buy that goody two… above…

we have a weird xmas party.  its a pool party.  i might sound a KJ and all but pool party in a freezing december night is no fun especially to a thin girl like me.
just walking inside the mall at night makes me chill, imagine me at night … in my bathing suit … submerged in water…
hayyyyy…. but i already skipped our company outing and i think that i will get fired already if i will skipped pa this one [party]
huhuhu…. i dont want to attend this xmas party.  why cant we just be like any other company and celebrate xmas in a bar or a resto and drink & drunk….


it just dawned to me that this post is boring hehe…

1 thought on “its a sandal, not a shoe!

  1. bogart69

    Wow, a christmas pool party…Nice.. It must be pretty warm there.. Its rainy and cold here… It sucks ! But xmas time is nice here with all the decorations and lighted homes..


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