i will spend my pre-xmas days & my xmas day doing some sideline CAD works and some 3D review.

i hope that people at home wont bug me.

i have an offer to work in KAZASCHTAN…. the problem is i cant even spell the name of that country.

but this ones a good deal. after every 3 months of working there… i can go home and have a week long rest. air fare will be paid by the employer! this works cuz i still have my braces. tho my wires will stay longer in my precious mouth…. at least i can still have it adjusted.. right????!!!!


plus i can get away from home and still go back when homesickness starts kicking in!

its a win-win situation.

its just that i am only paid like $1000. thats too cheap. i hope they will add some more and were in business!!!!!

i need to buy an anti-wrinkle cream for my forehead. i have this deep lines due to squinting too much since childhood. cuz i have a problem w/ my eyesight & i tend to squint to see things better and now…


i need an object of affection. thats my xmas wish.

can you pls give me one or suggest someone????

it is really a NO-NO to give boxers to a friend???? cuz alvin my bestfriend said that i should not give this to someone if i am not screwing him.

does boxers means i want to screw him????

hmmmmm…. in thats case ill give “him” a dozen boxers cuz i want to screw him 12XXXXX!!!!

yun lang!

3 thoughts on “scrooge

  1. petjelly

    Any update on the Kazakhstan post?
    Seems like a good idea.. Meron ka bang ibang kasama dito? Living alone in a whole new country can be overwhelming, at the same time very enriching and fun. Anyway, good luck with your career! šŸ™‚ In my job I’ve met some people from Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.. they seem nice. Lol.

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      uGH! the HR said that they need a guy. Thats the only requirement that i didnt pass hehe.

      i know that you will learn things when you work overseas… i just hope that i will be given a chance to grow …

      and work overseas too…


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