something groovy!

got this fr

the shades that makes me look like a bee!!!!!

then i thought… why did i bought this when i need the money cuz im goin to baguio on the 8th!!!! and im broke… so if you guys wants to buy this please do…

i think its like 1200 fr mango & im selling it for 1000…. hmmmm….. that would pay for the transpo to baguio….

hayyyyy… hirap maging mahirap!

1 thought on “something groovy!

  1. titatits

    You’re not alone

    Would you believe, I’ve accumulated 6 sunglasses now. I bought them after a long time of fitting and going from one shop to the other. Now with them sitting in my drawer for sometime, I keep asking myself “why did I buy these?” One makes me look like Elvis Presley….one like I’m really showing off (the brand is on the glasses)…one makes me look like Stevie Wonder…ha ha ha.

    Is there somebody out there who’d want to buy them?


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