spiderman 3

I’ve never really liked Spiderman (the movie)… for me it’s overrated and the stunts are all cgi anyways.  When I saw the first movie I promise myself that I won’t watch the nest ones. 


Then I visited a friend and she’s watching Spiderman 3 and saw it and watches it and again I felt that it is still the most overrated film in the history of cinema.


And then I felt it.


I am a nice girl.  I smile at people.  Greet everyone good morning.  Always the perky girl who follows her parents wants & gives them their needs.


There are lots of things that sometimes bring me down though.  Like rude people on bus and the MRT.  The fact that sometimes money is scarce.. or not sometimes but a lot of times.  Then there’s this guy who friggin treats me like a doormat. 


But i just shrug it off.  And smile & in my heart I know that tomorrow is a new day & it will be better.


Only it didn’t turn out better but worst than yesterday.


People are ruder.  Traffic worst! Money scarcer.  And love life sucks big time.  Not to mention I can feel an extra weight around my belly.  I am friggin gaining weight!


But I have to live and move on in spite of all this hassles.


Luckily I got this sideline job that can give me money and I can finally have a break.  A friend and I will go to Baguio and ill have the money for that cuz of this sideline work.


And then my peecee got busted.


What a great timing.


And then I felt that the world is conspiring against me.  And then it’s just hard to smile now and talk perkily to people.


And so I stopped talking.


To my parents & sister & small cousins.


I just can’t push myself to talk to them.  It’s like there this dark cloud in my head that’s controlling me not to be good.


And I realized Spiderman.


That it can be real.  That black seaweed-like monster is real and is eating me.  And I don’t have spidey powers to resent it.


I am sad.  Because I miss my family … my sister … and my small cousins…


And mostly… I miss my old self.

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