Monthly Archives: April 2008


yey! got my boxing gloves already! And i am going to [hopefully] use it tomorrow if my abdomen will permit.  cuz i have dysmenorhea (spell?) and it hurts.  if im OK tomorrow i can start w/ muay thai!


here’s my small cousin ian modelling that astig gloves for me…..

its not everlast tho as i cnt find one in my size [8oz]….. i cnt wait!!!!

is it safe to go in a sauna when you have your monthly visitor? Igh. im such a novice when it comes to this gym/sauna/pool thingy…


a non sensical whine

I don’t have self esteem… once there’s this guy that I met fr facebook & hes here in manila for a business trip and i said im busy because I am friggin ugly.  now theres this guy that I met again and hes here in manila for business and he wants us to meet on Friday and I said I have a dealdline at work cuz im scared cuz im ugly.


Same reason why this picture is headless.. because I am ugly.

I use to think that tho I might not fall in the pretty category… I know that I am cute.


But now I came to realized that I am ugly…




So Im thinking maybe if ill use OBAGI ill look better but obagi is out of my spending league…




Maybe I just need a manicure to uplift my ugly spirit!


On the bright side… I swam last night.  My gym have a pool and I swam … and I don’t know how to swim but I was able to do laps last night.  Don’t ask me I cant explain it either how a girl who doesn’t know how to swim… swam.


Mwa haha… maybe cuz there are no people there and I was free to experiment in the water.  So at first when theres still people I’d just hold the gutter and mover around.  The pool gutter is my security blanket.  I wont let go of it.  But when there are only a few of us … I begiun letting go of the gutter and what do you know…


I can swim pala!


Hehe needless to say I am sore while writing this.


But I so want to go back to the pool, I am already craving, missing, aching to go back to the water and im even planning on buying goggles…




So there… I don’t feel ugly in the water.


Maybe I should snag myself a merman!


In the pool I am the goddess!


Laban kayo?



me and my big mouth

me and an officemate are talking about brian gorell and the gucci gang.  and i mumbled blowjob and it turned out everyone is listening to our conversation and



they heard me say that word… i know … i know…. not really a bad word and were talking about gucci gang…

it is still embarassing tho hehe

be still me heart

I will go to the gym tonight.  My first time ever.  I am scared shit. And I don’t know what to do there.  I am shy too.  If you’re my LJ friend in more than a year youll know that I am a clumsy.  That I always fall.  on stairs, on floors….


Right about now its like im doin cardio cuz my heart is beating fast! Imagine what my heart rate will be when im really there already…




Ill have a heart attack!