Monthly Archives: May 2008

girl who is wearing a green neon glasses

If you are  around ortigas and you’d see a girl wearing a neon green glasses, chances are its me.  I lost my black eye glasses and my eyes are irritated and red and I can no longer afford another absent at work cuz I already had one last week and there wont be any money left if I will skip work again today.


So I went to work wearing my neon green glasses.


Where the hell did I acquire this green glasses? Well it’s a free from the black glasses that I am usually using. 


So I feel miserable so if ou saw the neon green glasses wearing girl.. ignore her.  Shes totally piss and is prolly PMSing too.


But its not all bad.


I have this new friend from facebook.  He’s name is David and we just jive.  If we are staying on one place [he’s in UK] were prolly banging each other to a metallica song.


And I have a boyfriend also from facebook.  He just YMed me asking if I can be his girl and hes annoying .. so annoying that I actually said yes.


And were doing cybersex since.


And I don’t know how to do sex on the net.  I prolly suck and hes just keeping up with me cuz there no other girl would.


So if you know cybersex.. give me pointers.  What shouLd I read.  What website should I go to learn the ins and outs [pun intended] of this field.


I miss dollyrockmuse.  Shes fun but I guess people are harassing her here at LJ.


And tomorrow is Danice’s birthday so happy birthday.


and I miss yuO all.  Thanks for not deleting me from your friend’s list.  Aylabyou all.