Monthly Archives: June 2008


So there was this guy from facebook that I am chatting with.  He is sweet and he introduce me to cool music and he would sing song to me, make videos singing a song and dancing a anime song [that i’ve requested.. I know silly] and he would wake up in at 2am just so he can chat with me.


He would send me drawings.




We would chat naughtily.


And well…. I think were an item now.


And he is going to visit me on the 3rd week of august.  After which he said, if things will work out in those 1 week or so… I will follow him [if i’m willing to] to UK and we will live happily ever after.


So the problem is … I am friggin ugly.


Yes I would send him my pictures [almost] everyday.  The dress and undress ones.  But I choose pictures that I will send him.


And I would only send him the decent ones.


The one that hides the craters in my face.


Plus I have dark kuyukot, kili kili, singit & other areas in that family.  Can he accept me if i’m ugly with dark secrets?????


I like him but I’m super scared that after he will see me hell come running back to the plane to go back to UK and think if me as a bad dream.


The problem is I like him.


I like that he is the only person who gave me much attention and if thing will not work out I will have a major major heart break that I might overcome but will leave me devastated.


So there….


Now I am scrubbing myself hard wishing that my skin would get better by august …


Which is impossible?







last last sunday.. theres a heavy rain in my country.. there’s a typhoon. i was just sleeping in my bed when suddenly i saw flood in the floor. then the flood is rising in an alarming speed and some of the stuff is my room is already wet. and then i just stand up and picking some of teh things to put it oh higher ground. and the the lights turned off which is good cuz its means that were safe fr electricution. and the water is still rising and my knees are shaking and i just continue picking things to transfer on higher grounds.

in a few minutes.. the water stop rising and it stop till my knees. this is inside my room and our house is about 1.5meters higher than the road outside. imagine how deep it is outside??????

when i looked at my room.. all my arhictectural books are wet. this is precious to me. my shoes, bags, the electric fan, the dog, the computer table, myteen vogue magazine, my drawer which contains my pocketbooks, my school documents, my CD installers…. everything is soaking wet…

and i just stand there. while its still raining hard and myheart is thumping… cuz im scared that the water will rise some more cuz of the heavy raining.

luckily it didnt. but everytime the rain would start fall… my heart would beat faster… i have phobia already.

in a few hours.. the flood subsided…. and we cleaned the house .. cuz its muddy. and we havent eaten lunch.. even if 3pm already. cuz we dont have stove… and the food is wet.. and the fridge.. and the stuff in our store are all wet also.

…sun shone earlier and the rain stopped… but im still scared…..

still scared.