a very stupid idea

im scared… it ill be my birthday on the 14th….. but i am not scared of that… what im scared of is that i impulsively bought a 2way ticket to HongKong…..

and i dont have money but 3k …. i dont have a place to stay …

and i dont have company…

my flight will be on the 19th & i dont know….

i just want to have my passport marked….

cuz i feel pathetic to have an an unsued passport…

and now my heart is racing fast….

am i going to die of the flight?

am i going to die of hunger at HK????

i can already see myself… alone, homeless, dirty and hungry.

travelling with my big empty suitcase…

im going to get it….

the punishment for being an impulsive person…

please help me….

god are you there…

pls meet me in HK…

pls pretty pls….


4 thoughts on “a very stupid idea

  1. bogart69

    Hahah As long as you have enough $ to sleep, eat and get around you will have fun.. Oh and dont forget a good travel guide ! Have fun.. Im jealous.. Id love to see HK…

  2. wring

    HAHHAHAHAHA you are one crazy bitch but I admire your guts πŸ˜€

    srsly though you don’t know anybody who lives in hk na pwede ka maki crash? πŸ˜›

  3. petjelly

    not a bad idea at all!! tell me… how did it go? wooo~ HK~ I’ve been there pero sa loob lang ng airport 😦

    on a random note: i admire you, did you know that? ^_^



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