Lost in translation in HK =P

June 7, 2009 – Arrive at airport. Hello Hong Kong!
– Bought Octopus
– Wait for David (will he likes me? *worried*)
– David Plane has landed *nervous & worried*
– We hugged like we really know each other
– Walked out of the airport
– Bus
– Went down from the bus
– Got lost in the busy sidewalk
– A lady helped and we found put hotel
– Room was small but clean and cozy *wink.wink*
– Cuddle the whole night

June 8, 2009 – Woke up
– Went to the temple picture taking pictures
– Went to Jade market to be mobbed by sellers
– Planned on getting to the Observatory, saw a noodle place, we ate fried noodles, YUMMY!
– Then we walk hand in hand *sweet*
– Went to Observatory – close to public
– Went to Rosary Church
– Went to Museum of History
– Went to Science Museum
– Went to Chunking to exchange money
– Went to Harbour *saw MV Doulos*
– Went to buy ice cream
– Walked to Kowloon Park to see the swimming pool
– Saw good bakery and bought breads.
– David didn’t said he has blister *guilty*
– Rest a bit and met up with Liza’s sister at the hotel lobby.
– Cuddled and I cried cuz I don’t know if ill see David again after this meet.

June 9, 2009 – IKEA!!!!! Bought little clips and plastic utensils
– Went to Flower Market
– Went to Bird Market
– Went to Fish market
– Bought MnM’s chocolate!
– David bought expensive cashew nuts
– Rested at the hotel.
– Cuddle and stuff.
– Bled …. Lost my virginity *blush*
– Went down to buy some food at some resto (chicken and rice and some dumplings)

June 10, 2009 – Woke up late and went to the lobby
– Bought Disney Tickets
– Ate at 7-11
– Disneyland
– Rode rides, watch shows, held hand, kiss
– Went home early to catch lights and sound show
– Were super thirsty!
– Bought water at MTR!!!! Finally!
– Avenue of the stars.
– Lights and sound show while eating cuttle fish thingy
– Walked and went back to MTR
– Got lost inside MTR *blush*
– My fault so I bought David some ice cream
– Went to the flee market below to buy can opener
– Yey! I can finally open my canned tuna!
– We ate.
– We *blush*

June 11, 2009 – It’s raining
– Ocean park trip cancelled
– We just cuddled first
– Bled again *blush* he went deeper
– Its buying souvenirs time
– Bought jade stuff for David’s family
– Went to Wing On Mall
– Went to Some other malls
– Went to church again … saw a maternity street
– Went to Spaghetti House *first formal date*
– Search for donuts – no luck!
– Went to Ocean Mall
– Bought stuff for the kids
– Bought fake donuts (it doesn’t taste the same)
– Went home
– Visit the night markets for some dildos =P
– Looking for cats actually
– Bought noodles …. Yummy!
– Bought red wine… were going to get drunk!

June 12, 2009 – Last day together *sigh*
– went to the jade store but its close
– went to 7-11 and bought water and bread
– went to MTR and then rode a bus
– Ocean Park
– Bought panda ears
– Road a friggin tall high cable car
– STORM!!!!!
– Dolphin show
– Sharks aquarium thingy
– Rain
– Capsule Toys – One piece!
– Rides
– Pandas
– Lost my panda ears – Felt really really bad
– David bought me one again
– Slipped, luckily David’s holding my hand
– Went back
– Sort our stuff
– Rest
– Wing On Mall
– Night market
– Cuddle
– Sort our stuff some more

June 13, 2009 – Woke up early
– sadness
– went to the bus stop
– airport
– David check in
– Eat pancakes – somehow it taste bad… cuz were sad!
– Return octopus
– David left *sniff*
– I walked around like a zombie in the airport
– Checked in Depart
– Goodbye Hong Kong

9 thoughts on “Lost in translation in HK =P

  1. lijago

    Whoa…what a trip! How did you meet this David, and where’s he from? Sounds like you’re really into him – if it’s meant to be, you’ll see him again 🙂


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