Monthly Archives: August 2009


i am very bothered of the news that my sister YMed me.

there is a goat who got raped. the rapist, a teenager got caught. I dont know if the goat died. She prolly did.

i am bothered because what if that guy saw a small girl instead of a goat.

and the goat. i mean. its just there. prolly sleeping. i cant …stop being bothered.

i dont know what to think.

somebody raped a GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a new august

last august 17 i lodged my VISA application. MY bf invited me to go to his country … UK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but i dont think ill get a positive result.

cuz im jbless

people fr the emabssy would prolly think that i wont go home… uGH! i will

were planning on getting married here.

i am already planning it. itll be simple, my wedding….. me wearing white poloshirt dress. him white poloshirt… people who will attend needs to wear white polo shirt too

it will be like a civil wedding only. i will get my CENOMAR on monday and will go to theregistrars office too to ask for requirements. were planning on honeymooning on zambales.. i hope there wont be rain tho…

we dont have a date yet…. it all depends on the VISA

if i will not get a visa were doing it october if theres visa early next year…

i love him to bits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!