Monthly Archives: December 2009

13 weeks old

Hi! Yesterday… my baby in my tummy turned 13 weeks!!!!!

I look preggy already gaining weight and more… bulky =P

I am actually super scared to gain weight and never loose it after the baby is out…. but i reckon.. if i have a baby and i will stay to take care of him… haha ill loose that weight too!!!!

Its hard too that I cant eat Oreos or chocolates. My escape! So now if i have a problem i cant escape tru food =P

But dont tell my OB I sometimes cheat. I cant help but taste the Go Nuts DoNuts Ice Cream that I fot for free! Who can its sooooooooooo yummy!

Im scared if the baby if fine. Hes not kicking yet and well i have no gauge if hes alive. All i can do now is to wait for scans and for him to grow and make me feel him!

Its scary to be a mother pala. But Im hopeful!

Happy New Year LJ!