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Win The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Products!

haha contest galore! Anyone who wants to win this! I do!!!! thats why im posting it here!

You loved it when we gave away a Moisture White Shiso gift pack from The Body Shop, so we’re giving away another one! The Moisture White Shiso line is an innovation on the brand’s popular Moisture White series. The improved Japanese formulation contains shiso, vitamin C, liquorice, and organic aloe vera, each contributing to the reduction of dark spots and dull skin, leading to luminous skin.

Our Moisture White kit includes Foaming Facial Wash, Shiso Cleansing Powder, Shiso Whitening Serum, Shiso Eye Serum, Shiso Whitening Night Treatment, and UV Protection Cream–and five additional products! Now included are Shiso Moisturising Essence I, Shiso Moisturising Essence II, Shiso Whitening Moisture Milk, Concentrated Target Perfector, and Whitening Treatment Mask.

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Mommy Power Seminar

Happened last saturday, may errr…. 22… at SM Megamall mega trade hall. By the way its hot in there at megamall last saturday. i think they are scrimping on electricity thats why the aircon is super low to the point that its hot na hehe…

Regine Tolentino is the host of the event. Shes ok but not really that perky…

dentist explaining how mothers can and should take care of children’s teeth!

a pedia giving tips on how one child can be a leader.

shes my fave speaker.. she explains problems of girls… like dieases and how we can prevent them. i learned so much from her. i have known myself more after her talk! Sad thing i werent able to get the speakers name cuz im too lazy to write them down.. oh well…

shes in radio and thats a real vagina in the picture… i wonder who owns it? is she alive or dead now? did she donate her organ?????

some ladies who performs exercise moves… they moved the audience… they are even livelier and more fun to watch that the fitness first presentor! Hope FF will get them hehe…

i was suppose to take more pictures but im having contractions so i just watch without taking picture… its tiring when my tummy is contracting(?)…. it goes so hard!!!! ugh!

but im not too tired to take a picture of the loot that i got from this event!

Gestational Diabetes

Having soooooooooooooooo high sugar is hard. I got this high sugar during my 3rd trimester of being pregnant. something about the pancreas not working the same way cuz of my preggy hormones. Wishfully, the diabetes will be gone after the pregnancy….. on some girls… it stays *sigh* hopefully really it will go away on my case….. the diet sucks!

The diet consist of only bland food like steamed or raw or oatmeal or oatbran…. no sugar, no salt, no oil!

sometimes its easy and you get use to the bland taste of food but a lot of times… you crave like crazy for anything with taste…

i ….

my therapy is that i buy food that i cant eat and i promise myself that after my baby is born i will eat all of my stash!

now i havea lot of stash and i think ill have diabetes if ill eat it all hehe….

this is my glucose meter… i have to prick myself everyday…. 4times a day… before breakfast and after….. 2 hours after lunch and dinner…. my level should be like till 110mg/dl only… if i will go higher… INSULIN injection is needed… i dont like injection… pricking is already hard as it is… *sigh*

stash of food that im saving…. i promise to eat all this.. ill prolly share this to the people who will visit me in the hospital and at home =P

and of course ill share this with hubby!

i wonder if you can eat sweets if you are breastfeeding???? Hmmmmm..anyone? anybody who knows?

The Best Second Prize Ever

i joined the moleskine contest before. i won the second place… kuya robert of the famous Papemelroti company won the first place bagging the 25k worth of GC that i can actually use…. i didnt win any tho =P not even a teenie weenie tiny moleskine notebook

oh well.

He blogged about it here.  I guess the mention is good enough? Not =P

Come to think of it, he is the best person to beat me being like super good and super famous in his field.  And he is nice as well.  I met him thru work before.

Okay so I feel better now =P

*good preggy hormones kicking in*

my baby

when i had a 3d biometry scan.. this is the result of the scans… hes cute aint he?????? but im worried cuz hubby & have not enough money for my delivery *sigh*

but im praying thet well save enough…

problem is … he might go out prematurely cuz earlier in my OB checkup the doctor said that she can already feel his head in my cervix…. tho my cervix is still close…

im telling him baby… baby dont go out yet pls… mama & papa is still broke….

hehe.. then he moved.. pushing his way out… =P

then i realized that i might have a stubborn baby cuz both mum & dad are stubborn! Hala!

so there… i dont know what to do….

my pregnancy is a wee bit expensive cuz i have high sugar.. i have to buy this glucose meter and strips… and its like 1500K for half a month… so 3000k in a month and what about the friggin vitamins!!!!!


im jobless…. and hubby’s the only ones whos earning cash! i feel like a pregnant parasite sucking his blood dry!

i feel so guilty and worried now…

i … i just wish things will be better tomorrow…

i need some bedrest thingy meaning i cant move and i just stay in bed the whole day… UGH! you know how hot it is in my room????? Its like a sauna!

but i have to rest… i might go out still just so i can catch some cool air…. but where can i get some fake cool air???? but the mall?

but will the mall let me bring my bed and stay there and use their WIFI????

… i know i am thankful for my baby… but but like what ive said earlier.. i wish things are wee bit better….

i wish….