UK much

I am in UK now and im struggling hard… our dog just died and i feel more sadder… my husband is making me feel at home but its not just yet working.. i appreciate his effort….

baby was diagnosed with hisrchsprunf disease and he needs operation… surgery… but we cant afford it in manila…. our plan… me & hubby was to go to UK when im ready.. prolly next year… or later…
i reckon i should be thankful
but because my son needs medical attention everything changed… the plans were bypassed and we came in here earlier than planned…

its cold and my skin is drying out to the point where im like a snake shedding skin…

i feel so fat & ugly.. i cant sweat…. how can i with the negative temp….

but i reckon i should be thankful… my baby had his biopsy surgery last month and were going back to the hospital after xmas….

but why do i still feel sad

2 thoughts on “UK much

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      he does. you should have seen him when he got his biopsy. he wont stop crying… kakaawa… hes just 4 months then…

      5 months na siya going on 6months…. too young for surgery


      buts we feel its safer if the surgery is done here than manila…


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