this is me now

I am in UK…. and things are chaotic here…. for me at least… house is a mess… toddler running around if not bugging me to carry him

but mostly i want to get a job.. its like im unhireable here… nobody wants me… sigh… i need money to help hubby with household expenses and well i need money to buy own stuff… its weird to be asking for hubby to buy me dandruff shampoo….

or fem wash aint it?

but im unhireable… been a bum for 2 years or so and no ones wants to hire someone whos rusty here….

i miss home … manila, Philippines

i have a feeling that ill have a better time there.. better time in finding work

.. plus ill have my nanay (mum) to take care of me perky kulit baby

2 thoughts on “this is me now

    1. pixiedusk Post author

      the baby is okay now….im still having a hard time making him gain weight thought. payatot. but the nurses said that hes ok… cuz hes active and perky

      thats why i can work already cuz hes ok na .. i have work permit naman… its really just that theres no work here at the moment and a lot of people are being made redundant cuz lots of companies are closing down…


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