Ive decided that no one can uplift my spirit other than ME =P

so i will post a happy post! Me son – a toddler now… time really flies!

I have to admit I am not a good mother.. why else would he still wear a nappy at 2 when I am a good mom.

He is okay I guess my son… I am just glad that he is pooing normally now (Am I the only mother whose happy when their child poo???? =P) and the Hirchsprung Disease that he was diagnosed with before is just a bleak memory.. our past. That’s the best thing ever beating HD!

He is.. perky lil kid…. fuzzy eater but he eats yogurt like theres no tomorrow..

I reckon if I am in Manila I will make him like a model in those magazine… he is not goodlooking tho hehe… but I will try nonetheless in pushing him to have a career at 2 =P

I am a stagemother like that.

In here he is alone. he deosnt know how to play with other kids and he is.. a bit aloof with other people…

We are attending a MEND program.. its to help him eat more… and he is slowly opening up I think… He still goes out of the crowd but he is watching other kids in MEND and that’s okay with me.

I just want to remind myself that even if im poor… I am lucky that my son is OKAY now and thats… thats on the bright side!

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