He did what?

My son took this.. he likes to tinker with gadgets so much and ..
this is how he sees me.. tall.. and its a marvel that in a few years hell be as tall as me and then taller… yipes!

He also drew this using paint…
its like fractal aint it =P
or is it just me….

and he sleeps to this…
yep addicted to monsters inc… and well just about any apps in the Ipad.. if you suddenly receive a call, skype, YM, tweet, instagram fr me that looks awfully weird..ITS NOT ME! Its him. I am sorry if you do… Its just that..im doing something & i need his attention diverted to something else i.e. ipad or TV or some coloring book but mostly the Ipad… so that I can do chores… else I cant and wont finish anything i want him to be abreast with tech..

sorry this is just random post about him..im glad that he is ok now and that he is.. tinkering with a lot of things… doodling… watching..growing

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