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Life in the UK.

I really didnt notice how long i have been here.  Its been 2 years and hubby and I are surprise to find out that my VISA will end February next year.  It means  I have to take an exam so that I can get an Indefinite Leave to Remain and eventually my British Citizenship.

I already booked my exam day 3 days ago and started reviewing the required book since then.  I am not halfway then I would do Practice Test while going back to the book so understand it more and remember the words more.

I am struggling I have to admit.

Its been awhile since I took an exam and my brain is not ready.

I went back to blogging few months ago and im even struggling with words.

I… I think i became not as sharp since I gave birth.  My world revolve and evolve around my son and my new fam and and I didnt give myself time to.. to enrich my brain.

True, ive read few good books but few is not good enough for my brain to function well.

I am shocking my brain for doing this… reviewing…

Im also thinking if only I can concentrate on reviewing and not worry about the dishes or if I remember to plug of the oven it would be better.

All i want to say is that I am scared that I am going to go trough this and I am .. not .. ready but no choice.

I am wishing that I will pass cuz the money we paid is a bit steep… for us who is struggling with the electricity as well =P

I know that I am just giving myself an excuse … an scapegoat so that when I didnt pass it wouldnt hurt that bad =P

but failure is not an option …. as emimem said success is my only option…

did he even say that =P

My exam is on January 9! Pray for me … I'll be needing it…

sorry … boring past days… so this is the only riveting post that I have lately =P….

Britain is not home but my family is here so I have to make it my new home.. hopefully Ill be able to do that… hopefully.

Ep 4 – 1 Broke Girl

I should say 1 Broken girl cuz I lost my Lolo (Grandfather) today. I am okayish tho.  I think it hasnt really sunk in me… when it will itll prolly hit me hard but today I am still functioning well.

In my last 1 Broke Girl post I talked about how from  my money £139.54 went to £ 39.54 because of taxes that we need to pay. BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!!! It turned out we didnt need to pay taxes and I still got £139.54!!!!!!

And theres a development! Some words of mine was publish in Prima Magazine UK and I got £25.00 for that! I got the cheque today and I already deposited it in the bank.  Meaning my money will be errr… wait *opening calculator in my laptop…* my money is now £164.54


I can go back to school soon!!!! err… 200pounds to go =P

I got my £500.00 gift card from the shoe design comp but I cant use it for my tuition fee cuz i cant convert it into cash.  But I can buy school/business stuff from it.  Like a new laptop cuz my laptop can't do Photoshop nor CAD anymore cuzits old and is file heavy.

I am feeling so many emotions.. sadness, excitement, fear (end of the world,,duh).. and tiredness…

But I am also hopeful… I wish that .. that I can .. go back to school.

Sorry for a really really boring episode =P

RIP Lolo (Grandfather)


This is the last time that i spent with them both.  They are my Lolo (grandfather) and Lola (grandmother) on my father side.

My Lola pass away last last year … few weeks after Valentines Day.

I got worried for him when my Lola left cuz they are forever together and I know that he will follow suit cuz thats how he loves her.

I dont have a lot of times with him but when we do spent time together its.. for the books.

He is a soldier who fought the Japanese for the americans in the the WW2.

He walked the Death March in Bataan (go back to your history books/History Wiki people =P) but he survived it because the Japanese soldiers asked for someone to drive them.  He knows how to drive and well he.. is saved from the long walk thats how he survived.  Ironically after the war he became a jeepney driver before he got his pension from US for being one of their War Veteran.  He eventually got his US citizenship but he wont stay in the US cuz its too cold for him.

He mould my love for drawing nudes, my Lolo.  He loves collecting magazines with nudes women in them.  You can see them all over his house.  Tucked in the side of the wardrobe, under the toilet seat, under the bed, under the sofa =P all over.  I can see naked women bodies & I draw them.  Copy their poses fr his magazine.

I also remember one time when he let us grandkids use his old spanish intricate guns for a shoot out in the field.  He would use cans as a target and taught us how to use them.. i never hit any… cuz they are far so he would just put them in front of me =P cheating .. YES! And i never hit them still =P poor eyesight >>> got that from him.  See how thick hes glasses are????

I also remember one time when he would do sit ups in the house like a proper mankind that he is and yet it is my Lola who is doing man jobs like cutting of woods.. planting seeds and attending to her trees..while my Lolo would stay at home and cook lunch and dinner =P

Lola even once climb a bamboo swaying tree to chase a rat that ate her chicken;s egg.  Oh what a scene for an old lady to climb swaying babmboo but she got that rat! High up there…

.. they so love each other.. i never saw a day that they are separated…

never ever.  my Lolo would sing an old tune that no one knows and whatever my Lola is doing .. she wouldf stop to dance to that tune.

its love.

And they are together now .. again.  Finally.  No one can harm them now… they are safe in there in heaven… they can hug once again.. and sing and dance and be what they are.. couple who never left each other.

I love you Lolo.  We dont have much time together and I missed saying goodbye to you before I went here but I love you.  In all the chaos that life brings you are calm and holding Lola's hand.  I can never hold your hand now nor Lola but I can always visit you in my memories…

You died but part of you is still alive in me… in my son.

Rest in peace with Lola

Tell her I love her too.


All of the blogs that I read before because I like their emotions have turned to a blog that advertised things.  They are no longer a personal blog .. they are now paid blog.  I am sad cuz.. they are now commercialized… Blogging is not about emotions now but about products that are willing to pay for an entry?

I have to admit that given the chance.. I would do that too for the money .. I need it to heat our house… buy food.  But of course no one would pay me cuz I dont have readers..traffic..

Double standard?

Im sad thatmy fave blogs are no longer personal and yet here I am scouring for cash using this blog =P

Im sorry.. its morning andmy head is not yet working.. in the end… i am just glad that all of my LJ friends are still advertising free and I would liek toi apologise to them that my blog entries are mostly contest/competiition entry.

good morning!


I will not write about my sitcom today.  Honestly theres no update for it yet =P so my money is still the same.  Plus I really am thankful today.

I got an email already from Debenhams about my prize in the Shoe Design Comp telling me that the voucher that I won will be delivered soon! And guess what? I have the VOUCHERS!!!! I can buy something! 500Pounds YO!

And then I got this DM from Flora! Ive won something .. not like massive but.. its good news nonetheless

And then another good news: Some confession was published in Prima Magazine and I got money from it!

And..haha not yet done!!!
I got my prize from a Clarins Comp! How cool is that?

It all arrive in the same day!!! All the good news! I feel so positive! Hopefully you guys wont feel that I am bragging for the stuff that I got.. They are not really a lot =P

its just that .. life is hard lately and all these blessing that arrive today is.. is a welcome break from all the heart ache.. I am so happy about it and this entry is to remind me that I am blessed ..and Ill go back to this when I feel sad =P

I feel THANKFUL.  Christmas came in early!

PS. >>>>> TGIS
Got this from the mail today as well! Yeyness! Warm socks for cold winter day and nights!

Ep 3 – 1 Broke Girl

I should change that title to One Really Really Broke Girl.

Last Friday while at the supermarket I was looking at biscuit that I can give my son as a dessert.  Just looked at my right side and when I looked back he's pram is down on the floor with him.  He hit the display shelf.  Hes got a small scrape in his upper nose and he was crying heaps.  He got fever since yesterday cuz of that.

Now I have doubts in this pram and I have to admit that it is a bit small for him now.  We need to buy a new one but were broke so we have to stick it out to this pram.  I just need to be extra vigil.

Also my husband needs to pay some emergency bill.  We opened this business few months ago but we cant get a clients so we only have like 70pounds earning and we need to pay tax thats worth like 70 and 30 for the accountant.  I have to give him the money that I have =( I am sad but its okay.  This to shall pass. One day ill read back at this episode in my life and would laugh.. smile cuz I am no longer as broke as I am now. Hopefully =P

I supposedly have £ 139.54.  I need to give him £100.00 so..

I dont know if i should end this goal to go back to school

On the bright side its sunny so I will go out and soak up the sun cuz its free!

   £ 139.54  – from last episode
–     100.00 – emergency bills

  £  39.54

Ep 2 – 1 Broke Girl

In continuation of my One Broke Girl Episode 1.
I am still looking for funds for my plan to go back to school.  Initially I need £350.00 as downpayment as they accept installment in tuition fee.

Last episode I have £100.00, money that I got from my last job as a Pizza Maker from Domino's Pizza.  I resigned becasue the time is affecting my son's sleeping pattern.  He sleeps 11-12pm (the time hubby and I go home fof work) and wakes up 3am (time I usually go home when I do store closing sched).  Needless to say that even though I am earning wee bit more than before I have to let go of the job to get my son's sleeping pattern back to normal.  Sleeping by 8-9pm.

Im really keen on at least getting in in that school.  I know that I just need to start.. Just get that downpayment and everything will follow.

So what I did was scoure the house of things that I can sell for cash.

I found some used DVDs, CDs and games.

I sold stuff at musicMagpie before and I know that they are good.

So there … went to their website and sold my stuff! Easypeasy!

I have a total of 31 items all in all and I rake £39.54 all in all.  They are going to pick up the items on Thursday and I need to wait till i get the check/money but Ill take it as .. as I got rid of stuff thats making the house messy and I get money while doing it =P


so now….

£ 100.00 – Domino's Pay
£  39.54 –  musicMagpie

£ 139.54

Of course there might be some problems with some of the DVDs or games that Im trying to sell…. so this is not the final sum.. but at least… theres some development =P  £ 210.46 to go..Yeyness!

Till next  time =)