All of the blogs that I read before because I like their emotions have turned to a blog that advertised things.  They are no longer a personal blog .. they are now paid blog.  I am sad cuz.. they are now commercialized… Blogging is not about emotions now but about products that are willing to pay for an entry?

I have to admit that given the chance.. I would do that too for the money .. I need it to heat our house… buy food.  But of course no one would pay me cuz I dont have readers..traffic..

Double standard?

Im sad thatmy fave blogs are no longer personal and yet here I am scouring for cash using this blog =P

Im sorry.. its morning andmy head is not yet working.. in the end… i am just glad that all of my LJ friends are still advertising free and I would liek toi apologise to them that my blog entries are mostly contest/competiition entry.

good morning!

3 thoughts on “Commercial

  1. Anonymous


    No worries at all. It’s to pay bills, right? Nothing wrong with that. Just write some personal blog segments as well, if you have time. Never lose yourself or your creativity 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, I think in the best of worlds you would accept and write commercial content that’s of interest to you – but if it’s not your sort of thing, then there are still lots of blogs out there that don’t carry any commercial content.

    Having said that, ironically I just popped over tonight to get your blog link to send to a client for a commercial post opportunity you volunteered for this week!

    1. pixiedusk Post author


      I think when we read blogs we kinda think that we owe them.. i think.. =P

      and when they change .. even if we understand that its cuz they need to generate income from it too… we kinda get sad cuz … we want things to stay the same

      okay i dont know where i am heading =P

      I just wish that with my blog I can obtain balance …



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