Ep 4 – 1 Broke Girl

I should say 1 Broken girl cuz I lost my Lolo (Grandfather) today. I am okayish tho.  I think it hasnt really sunk in me… when it will itll prolly hit me hard but today I am still functioning well.

In my last 1 Broke Girl post I talked about how from  my money £139.54 went to £ 39.54 because of taxes that we need to pay. BUT I HAVE GOOD NEWS!!!! It turned out we didnt need to pay taxes and I still got £139.54!!!!!!

And theres a development! Some words of mine was publish in Prima Magazine UK and I got £25.00 for that! I got the cheque today and I already deposited it in the bank.  Meaning my money will be errr… wait *opening calculator in my laptop…* my money is now £164.54


I can go back to school soon!!!! err… 200pounds to go =P

I got my £500.00 gift card from the shoe design comp but I cant use it for my tuition fee cuz i cant convert it into cash.  But I can buy school/business stuff from it.  Like a new laptop cuz my laptop can't do Photoshop nor CAD anymore cuzits old and is file heavy.

I am feeling so many emotions.. sadness, excitement, fear (end of the world,,duh).. and tiredness…

But I am also hopeful… I wish that .. that I can .. go back to school.

Sorry for a really really boring episode =P

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