Life in the UK.

I really didnt notice how long i have been here.  Its been 2 years and hubby and I are surprise to find out that my VISA will end February next year.  It means  I have to take an exam so that I can get an Indefinite Leave to Remain and eventually my British Citizenship.

I already booked my exam day 3 days ago and started reviewing the required book since then.  I am not halfway then I would do Practice Test while going back to the book so understand it more and remember the words more.

I am struggling I have to admit.

Its been awhile since I took an exam and my brain is not ready.

I went back to blogging few months ago and im even struggling with words.

I… I think i became not as sharp since I gave birth.  My world revolve and evolve around my son and my new fam and and I didnt give myself time to.. to enrich my brain.

True, ive read few good books but few is not good enough for my brain to function well.

I am shocking my brain for doing this… reviewing…

Im also thinking if only I can concentrate on reviewing and not worry about the dishes or if I remember to plug of the oven it would be better.

All i want to say is that I am scared that I am going to go trough this and I am .. not .. ready but no choice.

I am wishing that I will pass cuz the money we paid is a bit steep… for us who is struggling with the electricity as well =P

I know that I am just giving myself an excuse … an scapegoat so that when I didnt pass it wouldnt hurt that bad =P

but failure is not an option …. as emimem said success is my only option…

did he even say that =P

My exam is on January 9! Pray for me … I'll be needing it…

sorry … boring past days… so this is the only riveting post that I have lately =P….

Britain is not home but my family is here so I have to make it my new home.. hopefully Ill be able to do that… hopefully.

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